The Maxon/Ibanez Tubescreamer circuit has been around since the late seventies. No new electronic concepts were present in the design except in combination of plainly accessible op amp "cookbook" elements. Any patents dealing with the original circuit have become public domain, as 20 years is the typical limit for solely profiting from a patent. The U.S. had a 17 year patent term until 1995, when new patents were granted a 20 year term. The point is, after a patent expires, the content is public domain and usable without penalty. Modifying the original circuit to create a derivative, therefore, no longer requires permission from the originator. So, what ethical considerations are there in using these circuits to create one's own devices for personal use? Many of the variations which have emerged in the boutique overdrive pedal market are trivial modifications to the original circuit. How much consideration do we give to the vendor of a pedal who has modified a public domain circuit in a simple way, regardless of whether this produces a revolutionary audible result? Circuit in question:

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This guys demos are very helpful:

There was also a comparison in another video of the shimverb and Strymon Blue Sky (shimverb did badly, but cost <1/4 the strymon). I spent most of sunday afternoon listening to clips of various mooer pedals, which was rather nice & relaxing. I'm a little excited waiting for them to arrive, but don't want my heart to be in the wrong place over something that just makes the guitar wobble a bit. Should also sell some stuff, but that's another thread.

OK, got the Ensemble King and Shimverb yesterday, but not had a lot of time to try them. They are amazingly tiny, look nicely made and live up to the expression 'exquisite'. But how do they sound?

I've only really spent time with the Chorus pedal. Initial reaction was considerable disappointment - there is a small volume drop with the chorus on, and it sounds a little middly and congested instead of bringing depth and sparkle, and when intensity is pushed it can get a little metallic.It will do the Cyndi Lauper 'Time After Time' tone, but that's pretty much as extreme as it gets.

I set it up next to my Rocktron Deep Blue and adjusted various settings until I found something usable, but it lacks the tremendous breadth of sound that the Rocktron produces, instead being much more focussed. It may be that in a band setting this will actually cut through better BECAUSE the tone is focussed; I'll try it in church soonish and also with a different amp to see. Some of the guys on HC love it, comparing it favourably over vintage CE2s, but from *memory* it doesn't have the lush spread that a CE2 produces.

The Shimverb is also of uncertain quality. I really only had a couple of min last night, and while it did work as a reverb, the tones were a bit harsh, metallic and almost sybillating. Prymeaxe have a youtube demo that convinced me I would find this useful, so I'm going to spend more time later to see if the tones I wanted are actually present. This is a digital reverb, and the general consensus of owners is that the digital effects are less good than the analogue ones.

I might well flip this (and my PB&J) if it doesn't work out and buy the ana echo as a short delay version of my Carbon Copy. Marcmart are OOS of the eleclady, but have them still (a coupon code is actually posted on their site).

Toni - sorry to hear it about the pedals. I had hopes - they looked sharp.

C'est la vie. I spent quite a bit of time, tried them both through valve and SS amps, humbuckers and singles, didn't help. Tonally they lack depth and complexity while the shimverb sounds almost as though there are artifacts in the sound, even when used just as a reverb. I *could* use both live, but they aren't good *enough* to justify a place on my board.

I'll flog these and probably grab a couple of different ones - I'd like to try the elec lady, ana echo, compressor, trelicopter and maybe a green mile or the OCD clone (back on topic at last). We'll see though.

Have you ever looked at Small Bear Electronics?

Look at this:

Do you think it's this patent application? Note this statement:

Turn it Clockwise and a (Patent Applied For) circuit adds as much as 20db of active narrow band juicy MIDRANGE right where it does the most good, it‘s like installing a wah-wah right where the distortion is being generated.

It's about the only patent application I've found of his in recent history.

Don't much like 'em.

Love you Stevo - you never were one to let go of a good argument.

Anyone has the code for mooer?

I recognise 'Terry' from other forums, and believe him to be someone who trawls the net for references to Mooer effects, possibly working for the company.

Blasted trolls. I thought he was one of our folks.

No,Toni.I am a customer of them.They are in China and I am in USA.They told me that if I can introduce five customer to purchase,I will get one for free.


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