Anyone out there using compression pedals for electric or acoustic guitar? If so, what is your favorite? What do you use them for? 

I've had a few - Keeley, CMAT, RetroSonic, Barber and now Diamond. This journey has taught me that there are many compressors and no single one can give you everything you want. I'm curious what other worship leaders are doing.

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I have an old Korg AX30G processor, and the compressor in that is one of the most musical I've tried. It manages to bring picked arpeggios up to a sensible volume, yet strumming can be funky and wiry or really thicken up if I thump the strings. It's very tweakable too, if you want to impersonate Andy Summers.

I've had a few, including a parallel compressor I built from a kit, and would like to try a Diamond some time. I was very disappointed with the Dynacomp I had - never could find a sweet spot. The Behringer CS100 is a great unit to try to see if you actually *like* compression effects before splurging more.
Is the Korg a rack unit? Sounds great.

The Diamond is great, I just think I need some other sounds in my locker. One that looks very promising for an overall vintage sound is the Effectrode.
I use a vintage Arion SCO-1. It's not a Keely or any other groovy boutique job...just one of the best compressors I've ever heard.

How much did you put out for it? Is it noisy at all?
Floor unit. You could probably find one on ebay <$50.

Warning - will tone-suck on some amps, and is absolutely not true bypass.
I'm gonna build one from here:

I tried one at CMS in Seattle that was incredible:

I'd like to see how that works out. The addition of the ratio knob is cool.


The VFE is a new one to me. Read the reviews here:

very cool link, thanks!

Cool reply, I've since made some acquisitions to my compressor collection.


- I now have a Keeley 4 knob which wins most of the time for single coils and country style and acoustic. Great for sustain.

- I have a Hartman (Armstrong clone) that is quite effect-y and is used for various things. It works well for arpeggiated playing, creating a nice rhythmic volume swell effect as you pick each one.


- Thirdly, I too have the Diamond which finds most of its use with humbuckers although it wins often in other areas. I don't find it useful for acoustic guitar. It really does a great job of shaping tone as well with that tilting eq.


- I just bought a standard MXR dynacomp for my son and was quite impressed. For $75, you get a lot of functionality.


I honestly don't know how other people go without a compressor of some kind...

I just got a Joyo Ross clone for $45. I was going to build one but the jacks, pots, knobs and box would cost more. I haven't have much time on it but so far i like it better than the MXR Dyna Comp I sold. With the MXR, I could never find a setting that worked for two songs in a row; I was always tweaking it.

That Diamond that you guys have been talking about is giving me GAS!

Ah - I just noticed your post. The Diamond is nice, but it's not an end all effect. Compressors all have their specific action and sound. When I started on this journey, I decided (it's the GAS talking) I needed an optical, Ross/Keeley type and an orange squeeze design. Now that I have one of each, I seem to use them about equally. I've even used all three in the same set on different songs. And don't hesitate to use them on acoustic.


I can't believe the prices on those Joyo pedals. 

Although i dislike compressors, my MXR Custom Comp stands up to my Keely and is less than half the price and i think it sounds better as it is just as quiet and dynamic and ever more transparent than the Keely.


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