Due to band members lives having different priorities (quite rightly God's got plans for them),   I'm  going out solo.   I would like to go out with more musicians but getting everyone to rehearsals and being able to gig is easier with one person.   The material I'm playing is a mix of covers and my own songs. The main thing is to witness to people in pubs and clubs.

I've been having singing lessons and I'm slowly getting there.

Gigs will include some Acoustic and some Electric Guitar


To produce a more interesting set of sounds/arrangements I'm looking:

 Vocal Harmonizer effect / reverb and a looper. 


I want to include percussion (from the Acoustic Guitar) /hand claps/ shakers in loop as well as some guitar parts.   What kit would you recommend?

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Looks like no-one here does looping.

I've just been given a NUX Timeforce delay pedal (about £40 shipped from Donnerdeal) which includes a function to record up to 40 seconds and then loop it back live. IIRC it is possible to build up layers using the effect too, though I've not had time/energy to explore that side of things yet.

I've done some looping, using a Line 6 DL-4. There are probably more flexible loopers out there, although the DL-4 also has some fantastic delay and reverb effects. Do recognise that a looper is a whole other instrument to play - you can do amazing things but you need to practise to learn how to best use this new voice.

The Nux Timeforce I mentioned does loop quite well. I don't know how limited the looping is compared to a more expensive model, but it worked well enough when I tried it.

I'm considering a Digitech Jamman stereo or a boss rc30. I'm going out solo and want to have some pre-prepared loops. Part of the idea is to have the acoustic looping the pick up the electric.


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