...Just a thin review of the new pedal i got.  Feel free to share similar experiences with this same pedal or any other pedal you've just gotten...

I just received my Timmy pedal the other day and I have to say, it's a nice device. It takes no time at all to dial in nice tones with single coils or Filtertrons.  I haven't tried humbuckers with it yet.

For $129 shipped, I like it much better than oh so many boutique pedals I've tried and is certainly above the Boss and MXR pedals I've owned/played.

It covers a lot of territory without ever getting fizzy or buzzy. There is nothing I hate more than the sound of a bum overdrive that trails off with fizz and buzz (BD2 comes to mind).  This doesn't do that.

What I like so far:

- Subtractive tone bass and treble - Very useful range here. Bass is post gain, treble is pre-gain. I think this is what makes this pedal so useful. These controls are capable of completely changing the character of this pedal.

- Build quality - this thing is truly boutique quality. All of the components inside seem to be the highest tolerance possible. AND - the letters are under a layer of clear coat, so they won't scratch off.

- Drive Quality - No, it doesn't sound like an overdriven Tube amp. No pedal ever does no matter what "they" claim. However, this pedal does have a nice drive sound that is free of fizz and buzz and no one will know you're using a pedal. It works very well for low gain to mid crunch. I even found some smooth/creamy tones that weren't unlike Dumble territory if you're into that sort of thing. Not a Tubescreamer at all. 

- Clean Boost - I've done a bit with it as a booster and it does it well. Perfect for creating an alter-ego in your rig.

Your mileage may vary, but I personally find this to be one of only two overdrive pedals I'll ever want. And I suspect it's one of those pedals where people will say, "wow, your tone is great", but never, "you're playing through a Timmy aren't you?"

So what have you purchased recently that you'd like to share?

Anyone else have Timmy experiences?

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Was this $129 new or a careful used deal? I like my coolcat transparent overdrive, but it gets a bit too loose if the gain is pushed.

New, shipping included. I think for a "boutique" pedal, it's very reasonable. 

I rarely like an overdrive pedal - I've sold every one I've owned at this point. This one isn't going anywhere as it is capable of handling a lot of things I need.

This pedal is said to inhabit many a pedal board in Nashville alongside Keeley compressors. Not that I strive to be like Nashville session musicians, but it does say something.

Why is there a CoolCat line of pedals?

Do you mean what is the coolcat line of pedals? They're by Danelectro, and the TO was supposed to be a Timmy clone.

They were all budget pedals, but cloned (to a degree) from various boutique makers designs (all of which are clones to a degree of other makers designs). I have a fuzz too, which is supposed to sound like the Peach Fuzz, and at some stage I'd like to try a few more, but particularly the Drive and Trem. I also had a Vibe, but when you kick the vibe in it boosts well above unity gain, and it was really excessive - nice tone otherwise though - and I might still try to pick up another some time for modding.

So the TO is a Timmy clone. Must mean Cochrane is doing something right.

Yea, I was wondering if that brand was a pure Danelectro invention, or if they bought the name.

And it sounds like they're a line of pedals intended to fulfill that age old niche of "if you like Ralph Lauren Polo, you'll like this". Is that about right?

That's not a reference I know, but I think the essence of it is correct. There was however a bit of an outcry about how similar the circuits were, and they ended up producing a lot of version 2s that were changed, though they still sound good. Danos tend to be a bit patchy - some models are excellent like the PB&J and some are just nasty (I had a Wasabi distortion that was unusable for creation of music).

We might be of kindred spirit on this one. Give me some things to listen for and I'll give it a try.

This pedal seemed to fill a couple of voids I was experiencing. So much so that I almost used it in church yesterday.

I've never really analyzed the design of any guitar overdrive pedal, but I  sense that the Timmy is about as far away from an 808 as one can get. It neither acts, sounds nor smells like one. The response is different and the resulting sounds are different. Can it still be a true descendent of the 808? I don't know, you want me to send some gut shots? It's my impression that there are only two or three original pedal designs (just like guitar amps) and everything else is just variation on a theme. 

When you say, such and such is "just a stripped down TS" - you're not really saying much about how it sounds or performs. I wrote the review for people who might be interested in buying one and possibly knowing how it sounds or performs.

I certainly don't want it to get to the nonsense level, I'm just saying that I treat it like a black box. I like how it functions and it doesn't really act like a TS - information for anyone who might be interested in getting one for their rig. If you have a TS, it would be a nice addition to your stable.

But when you use a light amount in just the right way, no one "out there" will ever know it's "dirt". It will just come across as extra fatness or with a slight amount of authority. I know - I've managed to get away with it. And to think that just 20 years ago in this congregation, there was an elder who made people put masking tape over any and every name on guitars and amps.

Nope, nothing in view of the congregation. (We didn't have anything that couldn't be taped up...)

BTW - this link has a supposed quote from Paul C. about Tubescreamers in general:


I kind of doubt it came directly from him because it doesn't sound like him. But it is an interesting take on pedals in general and what makes them one thing or another. Food for thought at least.

Cool!  I thought you'd like it if you had a chance to hear something like it. I used mine this morning in church - just a little breakup. Then I was just working on a part in my studio using some nice crunch. Very useful and not likely to come off my board any time soon. I really really like the subtractive tone controls.

Ha ha. This is sounding fun already.


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