Hey guys, I am looking to add some new effects to my rig, and I am in need of some suggestions and input. I am playing a Radial Classic as my main distortion, A Line 6 DL4 delay modeler, and im using my amps reverb. As you can tell, Im kinda simple when it comes to pedals, but Im playing some stuff that is requiring some different sounds. Im playing mainly Misty Edwards style songs. So a little heavyer rock worship songs, so Im am trying to get some pedals that will help me accomplish my tone needs! I would love to here some of ya'lls input!

God Bless


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Here are some that I've owned or messed around with that I think work really well in a variety of songs:
Currently I use:
-Visual Sound Route 66 Compressor/Overdrive-that's my fuzz for the high octane stuff
-Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive-has a clean boost which makes it easily my most adaptable pedal. Any song that needs grit gets the sparkle.

I've also messed around with:
-Fulltone OCD
-Paul Cochran Timmy

I like these because the OD or distortion sounds more organic and less canned. I can't stand playing with distortion that sounds overly synthesized (but that could be just my personal preference). Don't underestimate the value of dialing your amp in. If you tweak it so that you get a clean tone that breaks the harder you play, you'll find your effects will go a lot farther because you can change the sound by how you play.

I use the Sparkle when we play "Where You Go I Go" and add the OD from the Route 66 when we do "Your Love Never Fails" off the JesusCultureMusic album (they do a lot of Ms. Misty's stuff). I play through a Fender Princeton65W which is an issue because it's an old (but not vintage) solid state with a bad speaker and it's way too loud. I have it set to 2.5 on the drive channel with the drive at 0.5 and I still put it into a iso-box to keep the stage volume down. It took a lot of trial and error to get an acceptable tone and break out of the amp, but it was worth it.

Check out ProGuitarShop.com's channel on YouTube, they demo a lot of pedals that you probably wouldn't see in your average music store.

People walkin' 'round with their fingers in their ears singing, "Da da da da da, I don't want to hear this." Oh now the song's over...nope. Here she goes again!
Thx guys!
Ill definately take yall's advice! I am looking for a new guitar though, still playing with single coils, which is probably most of my problem haha I need a PRS or Gibson type guitar, that will probably end up being my next purchase.
I just got a new one that my friend calls the "secret weapon." It's the Line6 Verbzilla Reverb pedal (sa-weet) great reverb settings, plus it can be set to 100% wet or dry. The coolest feature is the octo setting which is other-worldly. Check it out.
Awesome, Im definately going to check that out!
I had a great fulltone Gt500. Clean boost and great distortion. You can combine them much like a jeckyl and hyde. The fulltone is really fat if you dial it up right.
Hey dude I checked out that Verbzilla. That thing is reeeally cool.


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