What over-drive pedals do you find has that sparkly "worshipful" sound?

I use a Fulldrive 2 Mosfet for my low gain and I only use it on the Comp cut mode with the overdrive knob a little over half way and the tone control rolled back a bit. Its so transparent that people thought it was a Tim. I love it, for me it is an extremely worshipful drive. Sparkly and lively. I use the boost to but only on choruses of the songs and for solos.

I also use a Jekyll&Hyde for my medium gain, the settings on it always change but I never use the Bass Boost on the Jekyll side or the Sharp switch on the Hyde side. I get that nice Hillsong United tone from this pedal and love tones you can get from engaging both sides at once when set properly. Great Ibanez Tube Screamer & Boss MIJ DS-1 (for those who know the difference of MIJ & MIT) clones with added EQ and extra gain on tap :)

For anyone who cares what guitars and amps I use with these pedals:
Guutars: Ibanez JS1000, Fender Deluxe Player Stratocaster
Amp: Fender Deville 410 version set on clean only (any dirt is from pedal)

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TBH I've never know an overdrive sound that made me think *worship*. However I do recognise some overdrive sounds that make me want to leave the room, and the Hillsongs tone is one of them. In fairness, it's probably the style of playing rather than the actual tone that I dislike, and played differently I'd probably enjoy it a whole lot more. This isn't intended to be a rant about music particularly, other than so many worship tracks all have small variations of that sound and style that it's becoming hard to differentiate between artists, and it really detracts from the song for me.

For the little it's worth, when I play guitar - proper electric guitar, rather than synth or acoustic - then my overdrive comes from a Jekyll & Hyde (use the Hyde side for distortion - sounds nasty with Jekyll too) or Danelectro Transparent Overdrive or from my amp. Guitars are usually a Strat, Les Paul or Washburn A20V. Generally I want my overdrive to be a solid bar of tone that I can hammer and shape into a musical weapon that will make hairs stand up on necks.


Yes!  I've been using the Fulldrive 2 Mosfet for over a year now.  Huge fan of the pedal.  I use a similar setting as you do with comp cut on but with tone a little past 12 oclock and with overdrive at around 10 oclock.  I click on boost for solos and parts where I need to cut through the mix.  It's a great "church" overdrive.  :)   

I think another great pedal for worship is the Jetter Red (squared or shift). You can get a really nicely textured / dark tone that has perfect character for expressive solos during worship sets.


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