These guidelines cover your use of the Worship The Rock service.

By registering with Worship The Rock (WTR), creating, or using this Social Network you are agreeing to these guidelines ("Guidelines").

The vision of WTR is to unite worship leaders and worship team members from all around the world to encourage and share wisdom and experiences with each other. The culture we want to promote and foster is a positive, encouraging, uplifting, supportive, informative and unified one. For this reason we have set out the following guidelines regarding the content of WTR. We pray that you understand our vision and work to support it. If for some reason someone disagrees or does not want to share in this vision or culture, WTR may not be for them and they should seek another forum or social network.

General Conduct

Please don't openly criticise specific ministers, ministries, denominations or public figures in any areas of this site. This site is intended to be an encouraging and positive place not a place that tears down and criticizes people that we don't agree with.

Please consider carefully the information you are sharing on here before posting it - discussions about individuals or too much information regarding a specific church situation may not be appropriate in an open forum.

Please don’t SHOUT, i.e. use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS to type whole paragraphs or even sentences. Please also avoid using all capital letters when filling out your name and profile information. Discussions, blogs or similar that are typed in full capitalisation may be deleted without warning.

Please always treat each other with respect.


Before posting or replying to a discussion please take care to review our guidelines so as to not risk having the discussion or oneself removed from the site.

a) Discussions should be clearly titled, meaning the title should represent the theme or idea of the discussion.

b) Check grammar and spelling before posting.

c) Discussion summary should clearly identify the scope of the topic, limitations, and purpose. If the “discussion” is actually just a statement with no question or topic to discuss it will be deleted. These statements or observations should be posted as blogs instead.

d) If you start a discussion please follow it regularly and do your best to moderate it i.e. if someone is veering off track you can reply to them and ask them to either stick to the discussion at hand or start a new one in the forum. Also if you notice anything that is inappropriate such as swearing then please report it to the administrators and we will deal with it.

e) Discussions are not to include the following:

  • Deliberately antagonist discussions designed to cause confusion and disunity
  • Advertising
  • Business opportunities


Please only upload the following:

a) Songs you have written

b) Songs that you have the express permission of the author to be able to upload their song to WTR

c) Covers of other people’s songs only if you have permission from the original songwriter to do so Please do not upload songs from CDs or the Internet that you have bought but do not have permission to put on WTR – thanks.


Please conduct yourselves as Christians - don’t create a blog that is purposefully antagonistic, argumentative, bashes a particular group of people or a person or for the intent of causing harm to anyone. Do not create a blog that has the purpose to advertise or promote a business without the expressed permission of WTR.

Profile Page

Please fill out at least the minimum information on your profile. If you just put something like n/a for everything and don't change it within 24 hours you will be banned. This helps us to keep the site safe for all of our members.

Please use a real name rather than using a website name or company title.


You can easily embed videos from sites like YouTube on WTR or you can upload your own videos. If uploading any other videos please make sure you have permission from the author to do so. Please refrain from posting any videos hinting at evil, vulgarity, or sexuality.


Please upload as many photos as you wish to. We do ask however that any photos hinting at evil, vulgarity, or sexuality not be posted. We realise that these are your page decorations, we only ask for modesty and respect for others viewing them.


Please do not use 'Worship The Rock' as a place to advertise another website, product or service or to invite people to minister in your country.

You can however:

a) Use your profile page to tell others about your websites

b) Include a web link in your profile questions.

Please do not use any of the following ways to advertise: Videos, Photos, blogs, Forum Discussions, Messages (both public and private), Member Name and Profile Picture.

If you'd be interested in taking out a paid advert on WTR please send an email to: - thanks.


We will send out member newsletters to keep you informed of the latest news on Worship The Rock. We may also occasionally send you information about worship leader related conferences, products, websites etc. You can of course choose to stop receiving these at any point, but please realise that we will only send information that we think will be relevant to you. Sending these occasional emails allows us to raise a small income which can in turn be put into the running of the site.

Please check this page regularly as we may make adjustments as we continue to develop the site.

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