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That was difficult...

I knew it would be difficult, but didn't realize how hard it would hit me.  I've sung Blessed Be Your Name dozens, probably hundreds, of times, but I almost couldn't make it through the first verse this morning.  This was the first Sunday since our church closed its doors, the first Sunday in more than 25 years that I didn't hold the title of Worship Leader, and that the church we've attended our entire married life (30+ years) was not there for us.

Our church was dissolved…


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"Yes I Will" cover

During these covid times, my wife and I (Albert aka crashchords) have led worship online for our small, local church.

Check out our cover of "Yes I Will" - .

Check more at -

God bless

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Brothers and Sisters in the lord Jesus Christ We are moving with God.

hey brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ across this wonderful globe how the Lord is moving, music and song are are a great part of the blessings to draw people to hear the word of God. In my current hometown of Australia we are moving to see the word preached to every person we can reach, I am with the Broken Hill Baptists Church as fellow members of the body of Christ we are seeing the power of God healing and delivering people. Join me in prayer or ministry.

Love to have…


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Encouraged or Discouraged?

Happy Belated New Year to you all. I truly do hope that as 2018 has gotten underway that you are happy. The holidays can be a time of great joy and happiness, as it should be, but it also can be filled with sadness, loneliness and discouragement for others too.

If you're like me, I've been reading and listening to many words from well respected ministry leaders regarding 2018. These words are important and they do play a part in our…


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Newsletter for April

Hey Worship the rock family, learn what the Lord is doing here in Saldus/Striki Latvia and about my upcoming mission trips to Albania ,Slovakia & Bulgaria.

I am also now booking for my USA mission support tour for September 3rd through November 12. I would love to come and share about my heart and Love for Latvia and Eastern Europe.Check out my April newsletter for more info.…


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New Music being released in time for Easter get your FREE copy NOW!

Hey family I am releasing new music this Easter and I am giving it to worship leaders and ministers of music for free!!! All you have to do is go to and click the link and you will be included in our dropbox link. The link is for you to teach your worship team and do the song at your church with so many across the country on Easter!!!! Also included there are promotional materials for you to share!!! I pray that the song is a…


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USA Mission Tour in the making

USA Tour Now In The Making

I am now setting up for this years ''For The Love Of Latvia" United States tour.

It is by my personal appearances that I am able to raise my mission support to continue the ministry I have been doing here in Latvia and Eastern Europe for the last seven years. I offer a variety of ministry presentations both speaking and musical,fitting for worship services, pastors and mission conferences, retreats,…


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Under the bridge

Lots and lots of water. Seems like there are some times in a life where everything in the natural just seems like it is heading in the wrong direction. Things happen to and around us that we don't have any control over...but we do have control over our response. We have to lay everything at His feet. It is the only response that leads to life.We can choose life our death, blessing or curse, I will never cease to worship Him for all He has done, for walking a path of suffering and when we are… Continue

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Jibin Chacko : Silence...

WHEN TO BE SILENT . . . And the Bible says.

1. Be silent In the heat of

anger - (Prov 14:17)

2. Be silent When you don't

have all the facts - (Prov


3. Be silent When you

haven't verified the story -

(Deut 17:6)

4. Be silent If your words

will offend a weaker

person - (1 Cor 8:11)

5. Be silent When it is time

to listen - (Prov 13:1)

6. Be silent When you are

tempted to make light… Continue

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jibin chacko: women's strength: about faith on Christ

Strong Woman Vs. Woman of Strength

 * A strong woman works out everyday to keep her body in shape, but a woman of strength kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape. * A strong woman isn't afraid of anything, but a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear. * A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her, but a woman of strength gives the best of her to everyone. * A strong woman walks sure footedly, but a woman of strength knows God will catch her…


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jibin chacko: A simple logic !

A lady went into a doctors office and during her examination the doctor noticed a cross on her neck. The doctor curious about the cross began a conversation with his patient and asked.. "I see you wear a cross around your neck, are you a Christian"? "Yes" the lady responded to which the doctor replied.. "I am a Catholic and I am disappointed with born again Christians".. "Why"? The lady replied.. The doctor replied in anger "Because you all talk about Jesus and how great He is but yet you…


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jibin chacko: Memories left behind

What i think !.....One day we will no longer exist on this earth. We will be just a memory to a select few. We should make sure those memories are good... how we touched them, how we made them feel. This will be what we leave behind, this will be our legacy...that we made a difference in someone's life, our gift to the ones we Love and to the world.....

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Jibin Chacko:Declare War on Lust!

Declare War on Lust!

The story is told of an ancient wrestling match that was particularly gruesome. Adrenaline flowed, because each man knew that if he lost the contest, his opponent would put his foot on his neck and call for a sword. He would then poke that sharpened sword into the eyes of his conquered foe.

Thereafter, the weaker wrestler would grope in blindness throughout the city as a public display of his defeat. This is a sobering introduction to the tremendous… Continue

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Jibin Chacko: a few thoughts on Holy Spirit

Ohh what a day thinking about the Holy Spirit...

I have a great time with my mobile phone from my very young age. So just as a matter of fact I decided to combine it with spiritual life.

Take the first point.

The mobile itself is used to communicate and share information through the world. Where as so the Spirit does, it bring closer and more communicative with God Himself... It speak openly our heart desire and the things we are unable to tell..

The battery; is used… Continue

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Jibin Chacko : about worship (youths today)

That's a great thing about worship in this era, especially in church...

It's true that some are called for His glory.. Looking back to the days when i personally experienced His Spirit on me, I felt nothing but I was certainly on my knees worshiping that continued for an hour... It's a awesome experience when you do encounter with the holy spirit. May be I be a witness that He lives in me.. From that moment of time, I decided that through the world may deny me.. May what ever happen in my… Continue

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Can't Jesus Be Enough

The giant screens announced, “Caution: High Intensity Strobe Lights Used In This Service”. I mused that I had never seen such a warning posted at a church service before!

But in today’s church of the hi-tech gospel this may be all too familiar. One church spent in excess of one million dollars upgrading their lighting system to the latest state of the art quality that would rival any modern performance hall.

Other churches seeking to be a part of the…


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Worship, Ministry & Shoelaces

Ask any serious College Basketball fan who is the greatest coach of all time and you will more than likely hear the name John Wooden. He is the first person inducted into the Basketball Hall Of Fame both as a player and as a coach!

As a coach he led the UCLA Bruins to victory in ten NCAA National Championships in a twelve-year span, a record unmatched by any other college coach. In 27 seasons under Wooden’s leadership the Bruins won 664 games!



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We are blessed with around 25 singers/musicians and have a different band each week.  I also conduct a worship training session on Thursdays for ages as young as 10 to 15 years old.

We are blessed with around 25 singers/musicians and have a different band each week.  I also conduct a worship training session on Thursdays for ages as young as 10 to 15 years old.


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39 Bible Verses about New Life 2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV / 167 helpful votes Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is

a new creation. The old has passed

away; behold, the new has come. Ephesians 4:22-24 ESV / 78 helpful votes To put off your old self, which

belongs to your former manner of life

and is corrupt through deceitful

desires, and to be renewed in the

spirit of your minds, and to put on

the new self, created after the likeness of God in true… Continue

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"What is the meaning of Christian worship?"

The meaning of the New Testament Greek word

most often translated

“worship” (proskuneo) is “to fall

down before” or “bow down

before.” Worship is a state (an

attitude) of spirit. Since it’s an internal, individual action, it

could/should be done most of

the time (or all the time) in our

lives, regardless of place or

situation (John 4:21). Therefore, Christians worship all the time,

seven days a week. When

Christians formally… Continue

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