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Defining Corporate Worship

Corporate worship... We all do it...  But do you know why we do it?  Why go to church on Sunday mornings when you could just sit at home in your PJs watching your favorite televangelist? In their excellent book, Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe, pastor …


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The Worship That Breaks Out

It’s not the way of the world


2 Chronicles 13:11 we meet an angry King David blaming God that he was trying to bring glory to God by bringing the ark back into Jerusalem something that King Saul did not do. In the process of the Ark being brought, God broke out, smote and killed Uzzah because he took ahold of the Ark as it was stumbling and stopping it from falling.


Was it Uzzah’s fault that he got killed? surely with all your intelligence if you see…


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...I count it all as loss

God gave something so dear to Him, and why cant we give up even something that is dear to us in this world that is so small, for him? We are so full with the things of the world, cravings of our flesh,things that matter to us most in this world that we cannot let go and count as loss.

Paul, said in Philippians 3: 7 -11

"But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness… Continue

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Driscoll Asks Some Hard-hitting Questions About Our Worship

In his book, Doctrine: What Ever Christian Should Believe, Mark Driscoll draws six observations about worship out of Hebrews 13:15-17.

15 Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name. 16Do not neglect to do good…

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Good Thoughts: Bob Kauflin’s 20 year rule

How do we judge the success of our church's worship ministry? Maybe we judge it by our worship leader who maintains a presently manicured faux-hawk (yes I am aware of the irony) and waxes eloquently about having an all consuming passion for Jesus. Maybe we judge it by our worship band who always plays the hottest new songs "just like the CD's." Maybe we judge it by the genre of music our church triumphs. Maybe as worship leaders we judge success by the number of people who come up to us…


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The Power of the Name of Jesus

A name represents the character of the person, God’s name declares much about person but the Bible reveals God and his name. In today’s world names carry little weight as people carry nicknames, alias’s stage names and all but in the biblical time your name meant a lot of who you are and the destiny you carried, that’s why God had to change the names of some people so that he could work on them.


The International Bible Encyclopedia explains that A “name” is that by which a…


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The CCLI Top 100 As A Benchmark For Quality

Just the other day I read a post by Bob Kauflin, What Goes On at a Sovereign Grace Songwriting Retreat?  As I was skimming through the commets I came across the following comment...

"I’d be interested to hear about your success rate. How many of the songs produced by…

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More Stuff From WorshipGod11

I attended Sovereign Grace Music's, WorshipGod11conference this past Aug.  SMG has post the audio and notes for the 40+ seminars and messages online.  Bob Kauflin, Director of SGM, has…


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What's Your Dream?

You may wonder what this blog post has to do with worship.  I believe that God gives us a dream and a vision.  In order for us to believe for that dream or vision to become reality, we must be worshipers of almighty God, and remain hopeful in Him.  Don't worship the dream - worship God, who is the Giver of the dream.  Seeing a dream to fruition requires total focus on God, as does our worship of Him.  We must follow Him to see that dream become a reality.  No, I'm not necessarily talking…


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Four Tips For Managing Criticism In Your Worship Ministry

Music is pretty core to worship and lets face it, music can be pretty divisive.  So for a worship leader criticism is just part of the job.  How you deal with that criticism can have a big impact on your personal job satisfaction.  Here are four tips for managing criticism in your worship ministry.

  1. Listen to all criticisms: It's very easy to take positive feedback.  It's equally easy to dismis negative feedback. But just because feedback is negative dosen't…

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Wakartu Cory…


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