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I've got a great new song

Drop by my site and listen to my new song. It has a Celtic flavor, and is getting some wonderful response. If you like it, you can download the full track, instrumental track, and lead sheet at www.newfaithfavorites.com. Thanks a lot.


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Playing on TBN Today could you please pray for us.

Hi there everyone my wife and I are playing on 2 TBN shows today and would love your prayers. This is a great opportunity to release worship over the airwaves. It will be a back to back show. Please pray

1. That Jesus would be glorified and lifted up to draw all men.

2. The anointing of God to flow unhindered through us as we offer up our worship.

3. The healing virtue of Jesus would flow out to heal, save and deliver people.

4. No broken strings missed up sound (you know…

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41. Words have more power than atom bombs.
42. What is the content of your heart? o through trials and difficulties, and you will see.
43. Give people a second and third chance.
44. Invest your riches for eternity.
45. The first step in communication is to see as other person sees.
46. Problems are opportunities for a better future.
47. Be enthusiastic.
48. Be content with small means.
49. Think quietly, study hard and talk gently.
50. Don't gamble.

Added by Pr. Benji Mathew on February 27, 2009 at 3:55am — 1 Comment

Calling out to all Acoustic Guitar players who like to compose songs......

I would like to invite you to join in on conversation & topics reguarding Christian songwriting and acoustic worship ideas....

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Everyone's Apostolic

Well, the Everyone's Apostolic is now becoming a pay site so already two of my best friends have left. It's very sad.

Added by Kerri Elizabeth Hammer on February 26, 2009 at 7:54pm — 2 Comments

Durham NC

God Bless you guys, the trip to Durham NC, has been postpone for April 10,11,12 2009, checkout our profile for more info.

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31. Take initiative.
32. Don't forget - enemies are made, not born.
33. Keep you battle zone small.
34. When you need help, pray to Jesus.
35. Don't do things to others which you don't want done to you.
36. Don't criticize others in their absence.
37. Learning to obey o the first step to greatness.
38. Don't forget - respect is earned.
39. An exaggeration is a lie.
40. Implement changes slowly.

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21. Care about quality.
22. Don't say anything if you have nothing to say.
23. Study problems before hasty actions.
24. Meditate on God's promises in the Bible before going to sleep.
25. Improvise.
26. Temptation will get you into trouble, pride will keep you there.
27. Don't live in the past.
28. Be tactful and truthful.
29. Life is practical training.
30. Use word pictures to communicate.

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What is Recession??

This story is about a man who once upon a time was selling Hotdogs by the

roadside. He was illiterate, so he never read newspapers. He was hard of

hearing, so he never listened to the radio. His eyes were weak, so he never

watched television. But enthusiastically, he sold lots of hotdogs.

He was smart enough to offer some attractive schemes to increase his sales. His

sales and profit went up. He ordered more a more raw material and buns and sold

more. He… Continue

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The Garden by Wade Landrum



Imagine. Crystal clear color with the sheen of every shade you know and the ones you don’t know. Darkness, a dim bluish purple haze misting through the twilight like atmosphere of the heavens. A voice commanding light, a low and rumbling sound issued forth from the voice of Eternity. The resounding explosion of the One who knows what He is creating and clearly sees through the beginning to the everlasting end. Joy. Pure joy igniting from the… Continue

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Press Release

A new talent arriving imminently to your heart. Her name: Angelica Maldonado. With tons of lyrics, a shinny voice comes out of nowhere and stands to bring us a new melodic groove, full of passion-out-loud rhythms, ballads and pop-rocks with an astonishing color in her music for the passion of the world.

She has worked before with several artists and has made musical arrangements and as for today, working in this magnificent project , with your heart as a "target", she promises to… Continue

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a bug's life

A Bug's Life - February 24, 2009

Cricket was always fretting.

"Everyone is listening," she chirped. "Every note must be


Cricket had a gift for reaching others with her music. She could change her

tune to suit her listener. She could perk you up with a bouncy melody, liven

your step with a reel or jig or calm you with a hymn or ballad. That

responsibility had begun to weigh cricket's heart. Her tone became shrill.

"Can't… Continue

Added by Bizzy Bender on February 25, 2009 at 3:02pm — 1 Comment

hey guys :)

it's great being here at "Worship The Rock"!
but for blogging purposes, here's where i'm at...


take care and god bless!
cheers ;)


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11. There is no rainbow without clouds and rain.
12. Your expression is more important than the clothes you wear.
13. Develop commonsense.
14. Live in the light of eternity.
15. Repeated reminders will help get things done.
16. Get up when you fall down.
17. Set a good example by your action.
18. Show sincere, personal interest in others.
19. Be consistent
20. Seek others' counsel.

to be continued..

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been in a bad place

I have been in a funk for the last few weeks and I am not sure why but I figure if I write about it something may come to mind to help me out of it. I think I am feeling low because I am not sure if I am fulfilling God's plan for my life. I don't know what that plan is and I feel like I am running out of time to figure it out! I have had an amazing life. I have done so many things that few ever get to do so I shouldn't be complaining but I still feel that I've missed out on something. I am so… Continue

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Good Christian Meaningful Cartoons

Check out Good Christian meaningful cartoon below or in my blog Life Thru JC and let me know if u liked them…


Added by rency daniel on February 24, 2009 at 5:00am — 4 Comments

Simple Adjustments

Recently, my cousin Jessica sent me an email that makes my life just a little easier with a very practical and simple adjustment. I dare say that this amazing little revelation will affect most of you as well! Are you ready for this? You who are ever in the kitchen and have used either aluminum foil or plastic wrap know or have experienced this: you pull the product from the roll, and the whole roll falls out of the box and you have to put the roll back into the box and start again because the… Continue

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Ask Him to Move!!

One of the key things the Lord has revealed to me lately – Don't just ask His Holy Spirit to come, after all, He's already there. Ask Him to MOVE as well. And then, give Him "permission" and "room" to move. We've been experiencing a full and sweet outpouring of His Spirit Thursday nights at our Celebrate Recovery meetings. We always do these three things; 1. Thank Him for being here 2. Ask Him to move 3. Get out of His way and enjoy! It's amazing to watch the Holy Spirit move. It's my favorite… Continue

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Last stop in Florida then back home to Indiana

I have been humbled, amazed and awe struck in how the Lord has used me, bless me and spoke to me during this tour that I have been on since Jan 16th.

The last four events were so Spirit filled/lead/powerful I have to just stop and fall on my knees and like Peter when Jesus gave him the big catch of fish "Away from me Lord for I am a sinful man"..The idea that the Lord wants to use us in spite of us. The last few weeks I have been having awesome times of devotions with the Lord. many times… Continue

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Just a thought

this morning as I was reading all the discussions & blogs it acurred to me how truely different we are in the body of CHRIST and we are being taught many man made doctrines, but I believe that when we all believe on the finished work of CHRIST JESUS. The death & resurection than all the small things that were learning shouldn't seperate us from the greatest example we follow our LORD JESUS, He is the

ultimate reason why I believe. we must apreciate how diverse we are in Jesus, He… Continue

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