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Miraculous Worship

They say that heartfelt worship you will find is in jail or in a hospital because the focus of such people is totally God alone. These are the places where people are hungry and are really looking for God. Sometimes we don’t have that sense of abandonment that they have when they worship because of their earnestness miracles do follow them because of their abandonment that is what opens the miraculous over their heads.


In Acts 16 we meet Paul and Silas and I have written…


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The Unity of the Body:Unity In Word And Truth


Here is a slogan which seems to have been hanging around the church for more than a few centuries. It has been attributed to various and prominent figures in church history from Augustine to Wesley, and is even found in the first papal encyclical of John XXXIII. Recent scholarship attributes it to Rupertus Meldinius, a 16th century Lutheran theologian.

Regardless of who actually coined this phrase, the fact…


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Is it really ok not to be ok?

Is it really ok not to be ok for worship leaders? 

Why do I feel pressured to look happy even though I really am not? Sometimes I get so sad that I just want to let everything go, forget about everything, go to the mountains and meditate. But I can't. And even though I can't, I probably would not want to. I'd rather sing my lungs out to the Lord than cry in one little corner by myself. But sometimes, I don't want to do either.

Sometimes I feel like I just want…


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The Interrelatedness of Prayer and Worship

We know from scripture that two things God requires of us as Christians is prayer and worship. We have been instructed in God’s Word to pray without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17). As any true prayer warrior will tell you, prayer is two-way communication between God and the person(s) praying.

Too often we deem prayer as only one-way communication, when we talk to God but give Him no opportunity…


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A Servant's Call To Worship

The Call to Worship is not just for the Sunday bulletin.

Traditionally, we have used the phrase "go to church" rather loosely; as we have the phrase "morning worship". What do those…


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Destitute, Desperate, and Insufficient: Lay Down Your Talent

...not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts (Zech 4:6(b)

I am the Lord, that is my name; I will not give my glory to another, Nor my praise to graven images (Isaiah 42:8)

As music ministers, we are accountable to a lot of people. We are accountable to our pastors to run the music ministry as efficiently as possible; to our choir members to respect their time in rehearsal and use that time as wisely as possible; to…


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40 Days In the Word mp3 for sermon bumper

40d bumper 58 seconds


Here's a little mp3 I put together last night.

We're using it for a sermon bumper while our church does  the 40 Days in the Word series this quarter…


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The Hiding Place

Calling all worship teams & leaders to come and participate in 'The Hiding Place' a Friday night Cafe' for people of all ages....awesome opportunities to offer our talents unto the Lord.

The Hiding Place is happening......every Fridays' (7-9pm) at The York Community Church, 1100 Weston Road, Toronto, M6N 3S4.

Tel: 416-766-1631 Ext. 6

'Another Brick in God's Wall'…


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You Still Have a Reason to Praise God

. . .For the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping.  The Lord has heard my supplication, The Lord receives my prayer.  Psalm 6:8(b)-9 (NASB)

Recently, as I stared intently out the window of my sister's hospital room, I had a breathtaking, unobstructed view of the mountains of Colorado.  That's a beauty you've got to see to believe.  As I gazed at those mountains all I could think about was the hymn "How Great Thou Art."  Nobody but God could make a scene like that; the most…


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Praise Report

Beloved in Jesus Christ,


        Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  By the Grace of Almighty God we are effectively doing and continuing in the ministry.  All Praises and Glory to God.  Last month we gave Bibles to the poor Christians, dresses and blankets to the orphans, sarees to the old widows, food for old widows and orphans and also we gave some financial support for widows and orphans.  Through your fervent Prayers all these…


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Takeover The World With Planning Center Online

First there was fire, then came the wheel, then came Planning Center Online!  
Planning Center Online (PCO) is a cloud based software application for planning your worship services and administrating your worship ministry. PCO is an indispensable tool for worship leaders of churches of any size.  PCO will streamline your work flow and boost your productivity. You can even use it to take over the world!  Okay, I might be over selling it with that whole takeover the…

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