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If this should be my last day on this earth...

Driving into work a while back I was listening to a Steven Curtis Chapman song called - My Last Day on Earth. The chorus has the following lines:

If this should be my last day on this earth How then shall I live?

It really got me thinking and challenged me. If I honestly knew that today was going to be my last day on earth what would I do differently? How would I live? What would I say to people? What wouldn't I say to people?

I'm convinced that I would do… Continue

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Want to use our songs in your worship service, or on a cd project?

We have free chord charts and mp3s for all of our worship songs at our main site:


Our songs are listed with CCLI, but you can used them in your worship service even if you don't have a CCLI license. If you record use of our songs on during your CCLI reporting period, that helps us out.

We also supply songs for artists and worship cd projects. Our songs have have been featured by March for Jesus/Jesus Day and Worship Leader Magazine's Song… Continue

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Mandarin Chinese translation of "Show Your Glory Lord" available.

For those of you who have congregations who sing Mandarin Chinese language songs, we have a Mandarin Chinese translation of our song "Show Your Glory Lord" which can be downloaded as a PDF file here:


You will probably need to install a free Pdf update in order to display the Chinese fonts.

The translation was done by Lim Lean Nah of… Continue

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What is Sabbath, really?

Sabbath is a time of rest which God created for man, & not, man being created for Sabbath (see Mark 2:27). During Sabbath, we are to rest from the hectics we've been through the past 6 days. We are to be refreshed in God's presence, rejoicing & thanking God for how He's brought us through the 6 days. That is the main purpose of Sabbath.

Some people says Sabbath is on Sunday, some say Saturday. What about those people working on Saturdays & Sundays? Those serving in… Continue

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Modern Levites Conference 2007 reviews

MLC 2007 review 1

MLC 2007 review 2
My apologies, until now, part 3 hasn't been out. :(

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Amazed by the Amazing Grace

Leading worship is never an easy task. Thank God my church is small, so the pressure isn't that much. Yet, I faced pressure when I have to lead worship, especially when people don't understand why I introduce a new song.

Anyway, I'm not here to blame anybody but give glory to God. God affirmed that my choice is His choice when I was doing my Quiet Time. I was reading on John 1:1-14 & what struck me is God spoke as I was reading, especially at verse 12:

"But to as many… Continue

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A New Level of Worship Experience

Cheryl Lim shares her joy as a part-time student taking the Certificate of Creative Arts at TCA College. She is learning to be stretched by the Lord, yet at the same time reaping much from the courses.

When my church sent me to attend the Worship Leading course at TCA College, I was overjoyed as I have long wanted to improve my skills as a worship leader. However, I had to struggle through the course which included reading the course materials and completing the assignments.… Continue

Added by Cheryl Lim on April 25, 2008 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

God is the BEST God...ever!

Yes I know that there is only one true God so when I say "the best God" you might be thinking "but He is the ONLY God"! But isn't it amazing that we worship the best God in every way?! Sometimes I just stop and praise Him because He honestly couldn't be better in any way. Every characteristic of God is perfect - He is perfect in love, grace, mercy, deliverance etc. He couldn't be improved in any way.

I just think that's awesome! We all have so many things that we can work on in our… Continue

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Welcome the newbies!

Worship The Rock is already a small community and is growing quite fast. I attempt to welcome each new member by leaving a short message on their message wall. Not only is this a good way for me to 'meet' new members and read their profile details but it also welcomes them to the community and hopefully makes them feel at home.

It would be fantastic if some of you could also welcome the newbies - it also gives you an opportunity to read their profile and you may even find out that… Continue

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7 Steps...

Get yourself a drink and have a browse around Worship The Rock! Here are seven steps to get you started...

1) First of all invite your friends from all across the world who are worship leaders and musicians to join Worship The Rock

2) Then check out the forum discussions

3) Join some groups and create your own… Continue

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Worship The Rock?

Well first of all welcome to 'Worship The Rock .com' and to the first blog on here...

You might be wondering why this network for worship leaders and musicians across the world is called Worship The Rock. Well there's many scripture references to God being our rock. One of my favourites is:

The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God, the Rock, my Savior! (2 Samuel 22:47)

Isn't it great that God is a rock - He is unchanging, the same yesterday today and… Continue

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