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Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the Course (Neh 1:1-3:32)

Leaders who navigate do even more than control the direction in which they and their people travel. They see the whole trip in their minds before they the dock. They have a vision for their destination, they understand who it takes to get there, they know who they need on the team to be successful, and they organize the obstacles long before they appear on the horizon. Sometimes its difficult balancing optimism and realism, intuitions and planning and faith and fact. But that’s what it takes… Continue

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God's Call -

Read 1 Kings 19:1 through 20:43

Bill and Mona met when they were in an alcohol treatment center. While there, they received Jesus as their Savior. They fell in love, married, and began repairing years of damaged relationships. Mona eventually became a counselor, and Bill became a pastor. Then God burdened their hearts to go and share Jesus with the people of Poland. As they prepared to leave they looked forward to sharing the renewal and hope they had received from Jesus, but they… Continue

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He sung before 150 000 men and forgave his father.

Hi everyone. I went to a three day camp where about 150 000 people came together on a farm here in South Africa. It was hosted by the farmer who made the movie Faith like patatos. (Angus Buckum) It was awesome to see thousands of people giving their lives to Jesus. A man sang a song which were a letter in which he told his unfaithful father that he forgave him. He told his dad how he had grew up and how much he look like him. He also told his dad how dissapointed he was for leaving him as a… Continue

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FREE REGISTRATION to the National Worship Leader's Conference

Hey Gang,

Hope you are having an awesome week. We've been blessed by Worship Leader Magazine to offer a free registration to the National Worship Leader Conference in July 2009. This is a $400 value!


Keep serving and worshiping!

For the Kingdom,

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Now booking for the Midwest area for May and early June

Hi every one,

I'm now setting up ministry events for the Midwest area including the states of, IN, OH,MI,IL & WI

Check out my links to my web site in what I have to offer for your next worship service or Christian event or to learn a little bit more about me.Just copy and paste the links in your… Continue

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May Competition - Win Power Music!

Thanks to our friends at Cambron Software we have three copies of Power Music to giveaway to WTR members in our May competition.

To be in with a chance simply invite at least 5 friends who are involved with worship leading (including playing in a worship team) to join WTR… Continue

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God knows your deeds

Read 1 Kings 14:1 through 16:34

Lisa fumed. Again, her boss had assigned her to a major project, then turned in the final report as if it was his own. “I worked hard on that assignment. How will I ever advance if he takes credit for my efforts?” she complained to her husband.

Glenn took her hand and reminded her, “God knows your heart and your dedication to doing a good job. He will honor that. Keep focused on Him instead of what your boss does.”

Fraud exists in… Continue

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through my eyes

You may not know me but let me tell you how I became who I am. It all started with my birth. I was born in an army base near San Antonio, Texas January, 20, 1990. In two months I had a stroke in my frontal lobe in my brain. That changed everything. Doctors tried to predict that I would not be able to walk, talk or even eat.

A year later, I began to walk on my own. At 3 years old, I began to talk for the first time and ate my first food.

About this time we moved to Freeman, South… Continue

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Salt and Light

Today's sermon was from Matthew 5: 13-16. I've seen that passage a bazillion times, but something was pointed out today that I'd never noticed before.

We are the "Salt of the Earth." We are the "Light of the World." Not that we ought to think about being the Salt and the Light. Not that someday we will achieve saltiness and lightness. We are the salt, we are the light, right now, today. If we are in Christ,… Continue

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God's Presence


One day last week I was in hot pursuit of God's presence, praying in the spirit, singing songs to him and doing all the things that had been working like a charm to get me into the throne room for days, when all of the sudden, I felt God just completely withdraw His presence from me. I spent the next hour or two begging Him to come back, asking what I did wrong and repenting for everything under the sun. I didn't feel God's presence again for several days. During the… Continue

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The mercy of The Lord Jesus Christ give freedom for Thai nation

I ask for The Lord Jesus Christ please fullfill with the Power of The Holy Spirit with your love and mercy be overflow with the glory on my nation . May The Lord forgive all the sin of my nation

and please do not angry with the foolish of them because they are blindness and unable to see the truth

but i ask your mercy to give freedom for them by your power of LOve ......................because they live

in suffering , pain and destress..........

all the time that The… Continue

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So you want to make a CD?

We're all here because we enjoy music with a message, and many of us are here because we feel something of a calling on our lives in this respect. Whether it is it lead a simple acoustic worship set with a small group once a week, to lead congregational worship on Sunday mornings, or to become the next Chris Tomlin, these callings are no more or less important than one another. For most of us the hard part is; how do we achieve the goals we feel God placing in our hearts?

For artists… Continue

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What Worship Means To Me

(This was my guest post on Jeff Miller's "Consuming Worship" website www.consumingworship.org)

What Worship Means to Me

This sounds a lot like the essays I wrote in grade school like “What Did You Do This Summer” or “I Will Not Throw Spit Wads At Mike Smothers” … oops, that last one wasn't an essay... anyway, worship has been defined by a whole google of people (you like that?) and to me it's one of those things that are like the floating fuzz on the surface of your… Continue

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In Appleton, WI

I will be sharing in music @ the Calvary Chapel conference in Appleton, WI Friday after noon @ 2pm & Saturday morning @ 11am..Keep me in prayer!!!

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How To Get Discovered In Christian Music

From the Founder and President of Incubator Creative Group, Nate Sakany.

I love to help early stage Christian musicians develop their ministries to the thriving level. And I've been doing so for 30 years. It's all about discovering, defining, developing and deploying your vision to reach your world through the power of music. Most of what is taught about the music business won't help you at the emerging stage. The realities for… Continue

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The Tabernacle

Tonight at church we studies the tabernacle of Moses and all of the items that were in it and I was once again reminded of how awesome it is to have free access to the Lord 24/7. All that Jesus purchased for us with His death, burial and resurrection made us able to come boldly before the throne of grace. When I think about the Old Testament law and the sacrifices that had to be made and how only one person had access to the presence of God, I am so thankful for Jesus' sacrifice and the access… Continue

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This is just a jumbled mass of thoughts from my brain. I am by no means a profound writer so my apologies in advance

When my 4th decade on earth was approaching I found myself remembering "the good? old days".

For me in my late teens, U2 was it. They had the sound and passion in their music that caught my attention. I remember hearing "Bad" for the first time and wanting to hear it again and again. The haunting melody and Bono's voice, "if you twist and turn away" was… Continue

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The Busy Worship Leader...

Just last night I came across a blog by Tim Hughes which really hit me where I'm at. The full blog can be found here:


The gist of Tim's thought is that we can get so caught up in a business model and mentality for the church that we forget to create space and time to get away with the One we are so busy serving. Of this, I am guilty. I've currently been serving at the same church for the past 7 years,… Continue

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There was an old man walking on a road, approaching

him was a young man. The young man said,"I hope that

you don't stop in that town which I just came from. The

people are mean and haughty. You won't like it there." The

old man said I just came from the town up the road ten

miles. The young man said, "How will I find those people?"

The old man thought for a few moments and replied;

"Probably you will find those folks mean and haughty also."

This old… Continue

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