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How do you spell faith?.....R-I-S-K

I was listening to an old PODcast from Holy Trinity Brampton today, and Mike Pilavachi was speaking. He was describing how he views faith. (This is a paraphrase, but you get the idea.) Faith is standing on the diving board of a pool and realizing that there is no water in the pool. I would stop and say to God, "God, fill the pool with water and I will dive in." But God replies, "Dive into the pool and trust that by the time you get there, I will have filled the pool with water." Faith is always… Continue

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Sample based music

As a drummer I have been looking for my own creative outlet for music. I have really been enjoying sample based music lately. Programs like Garage band, Acid or just creating your own sample based music with a DAW program. It's given me a better "focus" on the music and not just the drums. I feel it's helped me to be a better listener to what is going on in the music.

There is not much out there in Christian circles for the electronic/ambient genre of sample based music. I would like to… Continue

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Miracle Landing On A Wing And A Prayer

Two pilots in a microlight were literally flying on a wing and a prayer when their fuel ran out - and it seemed that divine intervention took a hand in bringing them down safely.

Read more here:… Continue

Added by Worship The Rock on May 21, 2008 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Last Days

I know that the cuurent state of the world is nothing to be happy about but come on Christians, Jesus said this would happen..

How exiting is it to see so many natural disaters going on in the world.

I wonder if We will see the Lords return in our own days...


Added by Tim Harmer on May 20, 2008 at 3:20pm — 1 Comment

Calling all Writers - Get Published!

We would like to start to build a resource area where you can find articles related to worship. We will then tie in discussions specifically related to these articles.

If you would like to write a short (or not so short!) article that can be used on 'Worship The Rock' then please go ahead!

Topics that you might like to write about could include:

- Leading Worship: Practicalities

- Heart vs Ability

- Worship in the Old…

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There is a church on my way to work that has a sign in front that they put different little sayings on. Right now it says, "Beware the bareness of a busy life." So true, but I think I would take a step further. "Beware the barrenness of a busy life." We live in a hectic world. If we aren't doing 3 things at once we must be lazy. But we need to set aside time (and I am preaching to myself as much as anyone else) to spend time alone with God. No distractions of any kind. No TV, no video games, no… Continue

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Why a perfect, first-born male sacrifice-requirement?

Perhaps it never made it onto your radar screen before... this unusual sacrifice-requirement God demanded of his followers for the atonement of sin: a perfect, first-born male. Why did the sacrifice have to be perfect (without blemish or defect)? What was the significance of the first-born male? Why not the second or third? Why not a female?

The request would make little sense to anyone outside of the faith. After all, a sacrifice is a sacrifice, isn't it? Does one sacrifice mean… Continue

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A Poetic Note of Gratitude

Note: A friend from my weekly Bible study sent me a very encouraging e-mail this week. It reminded me that although I may not always receive acknowledgement for my efforts to encourage others in their walk of faith, God is watching. He sees and knows I am trying my best. So, on occasion, he sends me a postcard from Heaven through another person, just to say "I AM with you."

This poem was a response to God's postcard from Heaven this week.

Just… Continue

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What Is Worship?

Worship is the investment of the invisible currency of faith, through daily deposits of devotion, compounded with long-term interest in pleasing God, which pays the highest future yield in dividends through Heaven’s eternal reward.

The Gadfly
(copyright 2008, Gregory Allen Doyle)

Added by Greg Doyle on May 1, 2008 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

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