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~ Have you fully understood His message?

Oh sinner come home,

≡► Jesus gave us a clear message with His life, He said: I love you my children, but I must go away. I will be back to receive you one day, until then I will give you comfort through my love for you. All you have to do is call upon My Name and then step into the light.

A dying man called out, Help Me.

A drowning man called out, Save Me.

A sinner called out, Jesus Forgive Me.

Jesus saves, all you have to do is Ask Him.

♥ I… Continue

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Word Like Fire Episode 11: Most Holy

Download/stream the podcast here: Episode 11: Most Holy

This week’s song is about the eternal sovereignty of God, and especially the fact that, as creator and sustainer of the universe, everything belongs to Him, not us.

Most Holy


There is nothing I can bring in offering

That you haven’t given

Every heartbeat, every breath is yours alone…


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Episode 10: Of the Father's Love Begotten

A new arrangement of a text from the 4th century and tune from the 11th-15th.

Of the Father’s Love Begotten

Of the Father’s love begotten

Ere the worlds began to be

He is Alpha and Omega

He the source the ending He

Of the things that are that have been,

And that future years shall see

Evermore and evermore

O ye heights of Heav’n adore Him,

Angel hosts, His praises sing,

Pow’rs, dominions, bow before him

And extol…

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Episode 9: Caution to the Wind

This song was inspired by the book Caution to the Wind by Joe Murchison, it’s about hearing God’s call and responding in faith and action.

Caution to the Wind

I’m throwing caution to the wind

To find a life worth living

I hear the voice of heaven calling out, “Whom shall I send?”

I’m praying for my will to fall

To find a joy above all

To take my cross and hear the Savior say, “Well done, my friend.”

To the hungry, make me a feast…

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Episode 8: Father, Forgive Them

This week’s song is a meditation on Christ’s arrest and crucifixion from the point of view of someone who was there, and who aided in putting him to death.

Father, Forgive Them

On a quiet night, in torches’ light

As the faithful fled, we bound and led

To a trial of lies, from jealous minds

To an unearned pain, a death of shame

In the grave he lay, poured in offering

Son of God became man of suffering

As we cried in hate, shouting to… Continue

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Episode 7: Witness

This song is a simple statement of the reason we need Christ, structured around four basic points: truth, love, forgiveness, and transformation.


When you’re lost, there’s a truth outside of you

When you fall, there’s a love that waits for you

Calling, “Child, all your guilt has been removed.”

There is power in the change of a life renewed.

Something deeper than your passion or your mind

Knows a truth that all your reason cannot…

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Singing Stable Syllables

One difficult adjustment for songwriters writing worship music is changing their approach to syllable consistency. When you’re writing solo performance music, there is a great freedom to add variety between verses. Say the first line of your first verse is “Jesus loves me, this I know,” and you add a second verse that begins with “Jesus died for me, this I know.” In a solo performance, you can mold the melody to accommodate the extra syllable (”died for” instead of “loves”).

The… Continue

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Reasons in Believing

Many of us Christians already knew the truth of our existence, that is in glorifying our creator. we understood well that each and everyday we should do our best to glorify our living God. That's for us, but sometimes we should also try to understand that not all people in this world are Christians, for some are only Christians by name, and for some other reasons, the unbelievers mostly follows their path.

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Someone is hurting,

Someplace there is a child being abused, there

is a young girl being rapped, there's a mother who is

trapped within an auto accident, there's a hungry

child with no food, there is someone's pet lying along

a road injured and you are reading this. ≡► Please

take the time to remember the hurting and pray for God

to ease the pain and supply their needs.

When you see a tear in someone's eye, remember that

Jesus suffered for you, while He was hurting He… Continue

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New Alternative Worship Team / Service (First service date confirmed!)

Hi all!

As many of you know, I'm finally stepping out an putting together my own team. Of course, I had to reinvent the whole thing as I always do, so we're introducing a whole new Alternative Worship Service at our church, the first service has been confirmed for May 29, 2009.

Essentially these are going to be something of a combination of a "worship concert" and some pretty serious ministry time. The music will be loud enough that visitors can worship freely… Continue

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~ A young man's last day

57 days ago ≡►

As the young man went to bed that evening, little did he know that it would be his last day here on earth, the last time he would remove his artificial leg and lay it nearby as he laid his body down to rest. On his desk was an old typewriter containing a special letter he had written to his older brother who had helped lead him to Jesus a few weeks earlier, in a room just below a spark would fall into an abandoned fireplace and ignite the fire which would take his life… Continue

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Episode 6: Born in Light

This song is based on a hymn of the early Church found in Ephesians 5.

The lyrics:

Born in Light

Wake up, sleeper, rise, you dead

Christ is shining, dawn is at hand it comes

To release

Put off darkness, all you’ve known

Leave your burdens, come to the throne of the

Prince of Peace

We will rise, rise,

To stand as children

And shine, shine

In lives forgiven

We’ll praise, praise the name of Jesus


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Claiborne Twins Music

Contact for Claiborne Twins:
Available for Concerts, Evangelistic Services, Revivals, Missions Outreaches, Worship Conferences.

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New Ministry page

Please check this new webpage out.

Pastor Brian J. Jones is the founder of this web page.

Please join his ministry and help support him.

Thank you

Mark Miller

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A time for Worship

In most church settings there is a time for Worship. I like what Eddie James once said. We have not come for a show or to intertain you,but we have come to Worship Jesus.

Many times we are in a box or in a planned event that we want to follow the items on the list.

We need to break away from scheduled Worship and Praise but rather get into true Worship that is rarely seen in most congregation services.

What you have to do first is SLOW DOWN! we are many times too… Continue

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Put me in coach

You ever find yourself asking God to put me in coach.For the past couple of months it feels like that's what I've been doing. You see it gets a little lonely up on the shelf watch the game go oninfront of you. Lately how ever I've noticed God has not parked onshelf but He instead has me in His workshop and is rebuilding and retuning me for the next leg in life's race. One of the things God is doing is letting look into past lessons to see how I apply them

to present day problem and trials.… Continue

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I, Me, Mine

As a companion to the Word Like Fire podcast, I’m planning to use this blog to discuss various topics related to music in the Church, and hopefully spark some constructive discussions. I’ll also speak to specific issues that I’m keeping in mind as I write my own music.

Something worth talking about was brought up by Kevin (of the Sung Prayers Podcast) in an earlier comment- the prominent focus on the individual in modern worship music.

A while back, my wife and I were… Continue

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No Blogs Here...

...check out my real BLOG.

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Vital Signs-Diagnostic Clinic for Pastors

Vital Signs-Diagnostic Clinic for Pastors

How would you like to take your church to the doctor for an annual check up to see how healthy it is? Each year when we get an annual physical, the doctor checks our vital signs and major systems to determine if we need some assistance in achieving maximum health. Do you know your church’s vital signs? How healthy is your church? Could one of your ministries be sick, or even worse, could it be infecting the whole church body? Do… Continue

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Voice-Stand Out In Peace (Poem)

Let go of the heartaches, the shame, and the guilt.

You’re a strong woman of God, so stand on the foundation that was built.

By Him! Yes, the One who is in control

of your life give it to Him; then you will be on the roll!

It is a brand new day, a new life, so rejoice!

You have the victory; you have made the right choice.

Let your hair blow in the wind,

so the gentle breeze can speak to you so softly in your ear in the end.

Put… Continue

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