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Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

He did not just change Pop music - he changed the world of music. There are only a select few that have altered the music time line of history: Billy Holiday, Buddy Holly, the Beatles, Elvis, Frank Sinatra - it can be argued that they each changed the face of the music industry. Michael Jackson changed several industries - Music, video, dance and choreography.

Wiipedia lists his "Occupation" as: "Singer, songwriter, record producer, arranger, dancer, choreographer, actor, author,… Continue

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I believe we are losing the heart of worship for Hollywood production values

I can't tell you how many times I have heard those involved in worship in previous church's use terms like production or performance when speaking of worship services. I would agree with them that what was being done was indeed a production or performance based on where the focus was (lighting, graphics, mood, ambience). These things in and of themselves aren't bad but I am growing more concerned that the Hollywood production values are becoming so woven into the fabric of worship that it is… Continue

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Worship Escorts

Worship Escorts "leaders" ;Be Holy as Christ is Holy,Keep your guard up at all times ,stay in Communion with DADDY,wait on Him and listen,stay broken, stay in the WORD and yield, yield ,yield.

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Kingdom of Priests- Priesthood of Kings

Kingdom of Priests- Priesthood of Kings!

June 26th, 2009

These are two powerful principles taught to us by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

First, we are a kingdom of priests:

Rev. 5:9,10 (my paraphrase) You have redeemed them from every tribe and tongue by Your Blood and have made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God and they shall reign on the earth! (emphasis mine).

The role of the priest in the Old Testament was to minister to… Continue

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Where Worship Begins

I urge all worship leaders, musicians, singers, and congregants to read this article. It is a wonderful complement to the backstory of Matt Redman's THE HEART OF WORSHIP (http://www.crosswalk.com/1253122/). These two sources are key to deeping your church's worship. Glenn "KIRK" Kirkpatrick, St. George, Utah

Sorry, but in case you missed it:

Where Worship Begins - Scott Wesley Brown

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Word Like Fire Episode 15: A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Download/stream the podcast here: Episode 15: A Mighty Fortress is Our God

This week’s song is a contemporary setting of the classic “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” by Martin Luther.

A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing;

our helper he amid the flood of mortal ills prevaling.… Continue

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NJ/NY Update # 3 Back in the recording studio!! Yeah!!

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An Update...


I'd like to thank all of you who've been praying for Mark, our guitarist. He was able to join us this morning for worship, albeit wheeling an Oxygen tank along. It was an interesting morning...Mark on O2 part of the time, myself on Ricola (I wonder if they'd do a sponsorship? We go through enough of the stuff on our team...) and the Pastor in a bit of a blue funk because their beloved family dog had to be put down yesterday.

In spite of all the weirdness, God's love was… Continue

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Where Worship Begins

Where Worship Begins by Scott Wesley Brown

I really didn’t want to be there at the door. There were so many things I had to do to get ready for worship that Sunday morning. Greeting people at the front entrance was not my idea of getting prepared for the opening set of worship songs. All I could think of was, did everyone have the song sheets in the right order? Did the singers have enough rehearsal time to get those harmonies down tight? Was that monitor going to keep buzzing… Continue

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I'm back...

Hello everybody! I just signed into WTR after a few months of not being logged on. I've been doing several projects lately. One of them was switching bedrooms with Mother. (I gave her the larger room). I moved all the furniture. Now I'm in the process of wondering how I'm going to rearrange all my stuff. I had it arranged just the way I wanted, until Mom advised me of a better way. I just got to find the right time to do it. In the meanwhile, I will be trying to write creatively and read some… Continue

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♥ On my way home ♥

I wonder when Jesus will return, I hear of a Rapture, I hear about the Last Days, I hear about wars and the threat of Nuclear War, I hear about an Antichrist that will come pretending to be God in flesh.

I am awaiting the hour My Redeemer calls my name, when I look up to see the glory of God and Jesus looking down at me, I will know that He is here at last, that my earthly life is finished and my eternal life will be His reward for my coming to Him when He called.

I was born a… Continue

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NJ/NY tour mini update # 2

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Word Like Fire Episode 14: Your Child

Download/stream the podcast here: Episode 14: Your Child

This week’s song looks at what it means to be a child of God, and to have a childlike faith.

Your Child

I am your child Infinite Father

From my first breath, a gift of your unchangeable love…


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~ A Young Man's Last Day.....

As the young man went to bed that evening, little did he know that it would be his last day here on earth, the last time he would remove his artificial leg and lay it nearby as he laid his body down to rest. On his desk was an old typewriter containing a special letter he had written to his older brother who had helped lead him to Jesus a few weeks earlier, in a room just below, a spark from the chimney would fall into an abandoned fireplace and ignite the fire which would take his life as he… Continue

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Video Logs and Blogs ~

I thought it might be fun to blog about the devotions I was having through the week on my website:


I also am adding video logs where I talk about the stories behind each song I have written. I also want to show videos of my town, church, and other fun stuff. So if you are interested in those kinds of things, stop by.


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Planned for God's Pleasure - Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Yesterday i was reading this book and God spoke so much to me.

So,i hope that He speak with you too ;D

Worship is a Lifestyle

Worship is far more than music.

For many people,worship is just a synonym for music.They say "at our church we have the worship first,and then the teaching".This is a big misunderstanding.Every part of a church service is an act of worship:praying,Scripture reading,singing,confession,silence,being… Continue

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First worship song of my life

since 30 October 1987 i accepted JESUS CHRIST to be my LORD . i had 3 questions to asked him

1. Who is JESUS CHRIST ?

2. JESUS CHRIST is alive ? could i meet you ?

3. If you are alive and can change my life ......then i will meet , follow you and i will not turn back until the end

of my life..

This is the first worship song of my life that i could sing from the beginning of christian life and i would love to sing

this song until today this is my love song… Continue

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NJ/NY tour mini update

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Story behind the song ... The First Time

How this song came about was completely out of a blue. I never expected to write a song that day and especially in the early morning. So here an account of how I came to writing this song ...

I woke up yesterday morning, showered and was feeling really lethargic. It was a really cold morning and I wasn't up to doing anything. So I made myself a cup of really hot coffee, sat at my work desk and surfed Youtube watching some Gary V.'s music videos. There was this one particular video… Continue

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