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Mixing English with portuguese....

Salmos 139:13-15

"Pois Tu formaste o meu interior,Tu me teceste no ventre de minha mãe,Graças te dou,visto que por modo ASSOMBROSAMENTE MARAVILHOSO me formaste;as Tuas obras são admiráveis,e a minha alma o sabe muito bem,os meus ossos não Te foram encobertos,quando no oculto fui formado e entretecido como nas profundezas da Terra..."

Talking with God:

Hold me now in Your Hands of power,

where I can find my resting place,

'cause I wanna rest on You.

I wanna… Continue

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The Armor of God: A Different Perspective

Recently a good friend of mine through revelation by the Spirit of God, gave me an interesting analogy about the body of Christ.

She said that we're going through puberty and, just like a teenager in puberty, we think that we are all grown-up, but we are not.

A few days later while looking for a scripture, the Holy Spirit took me to…


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If anyone deserved respect, it was David: Anointed giant killer, mighty warrior, winner of the “Battle of the Bands – Harp Shred” numerous times. So why was he being chased around the desert by the king and his army? He probably felt as respected as Rodney Dangerfield (“I don't get no respect. The king told me to go outside and play 'Dodge the Chariot'”). God had anointed him king; where was the…


Added by Al Hilgendorf on June 27, 2010 at 4:34am — 2 Comments

I don’t want to be “that guy”…

If you have yet to see the “Sunday’s Coming” video (not the classic message by Tony Campolo) you should check it out. […


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This is NOT my blog...

My blog is somehwere else... you should visit.

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We Don't Know What We're Missing

Click here to read my recent blog post.

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I have a blog...

...and it's not here. But it is HERE.

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When You Meet Simon the Sorcerer

May was the month I studied the Book of Acts. And when I looked into Acts 8 one day over dinner (I was eating by myself and flipped open my Bible for fun) some thoughts came to me.

Acts 8:9-11 (NIV) - Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, "This man is…

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Ok, so the word worship...what does it mean? It means to ascribe worth. It means to give glory and honor. We in this society give honor and glory to lots of different things. We ascribe worth to many more. You might say we pay tribute to them. Imagine if you offered the folks in your congregation all-access backstage pass to the Grammy's or the Emmy's or the Country Music awards...complete with a meet and greet and time in the green room...Those events are tribute events. Paying respect and…


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Great FREE song for altar time - Father Forgive Me

Here's a song I just recorded for a single to be released in July. It's available for FREE for 1 week only for worship leader friends at http://www.NewChristianArtist.com/JordanBiel I pray you're able to use it at your church the way we're able to at ours. It's sometimes hard to find a simple repentance song for after the message - at least for me anyway. So my wife and I wrote this and have already seen God really move with it! I pray… Continue

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New Free Song of the Month "Jesus, Name Above The Heavens" at davidbaroni.com

Now on this site to listen to... you can download for free the mp3 and songsheet at www.davidbaroni.com

The Song of the Month for June is called "Jesus, Name Above The Heavens" written by Josh Rodgers and David Baroni. I am excited about this

anthem that exalts the Name above all Names! This is the first song

written and recorded by me and Josh, a gifted musician, worship leader

and drummer… Continue

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Good Thoughts: I Kissed Bad Orthodoxy Good Bye


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New Album Released

I am happy to announce that Gospel Light Worship has released their first album, entitled…


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What does worship have to do with Jeremiah 17?

This is an article I plan to post to our church newsletter. I've been asked to contribute and this is new to me. To give you a little background so you understand the reference.... Tom is my husband and he was diagnosed 2 1/2 yrs ago with a painful neuromuscular disease. He participates on the WT.…


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