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two new songs posted

As you can see I've posted two new songs on my player that will be on my solo project. Everlasting You Are God is sung by my daughter Joni and does her own BGVs too. At this time 9/30/08, I'm not sure that this one is complete. I may add a few more things.

The second song is Strength to Strength which I collaborated with John Green of Recent Rainfall on. It has to be a "God thing" to meet someone over the Internet, establish a relationship, and end up writing songs together. Only God can… Continue

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Joining the Community...

It's funny how things come full circle. In 1998, I founded Gift on the to provide free original praise and worship music on the web. It was back in the days when MP3 encoding was just starting to catch on, when RealAudio sometimes worked, when Microsoft finally made a version of Media Player that didn't crash.

Now, it's 10 years later. In that time, we've given away 2,200 CDs and many thousands of free downloads. And in that time, I can count the "thank you" emails on two… Continue

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Who Is This Really For Anyhow?

Greetings all,

I went to a conference about a year ago and heard the worship pastor say something that I had been waiting to hear for a long time. Even as worship band members, we are in the entertainment buisness. "Now, wait just a cotton pickin" minute!" some of you might be saying. Hold on, Give me a minute. Ask yourself. If we don't hold the congregation's attention, how soon are the hymnals going to come out? (You know, the ones that the pastor heaves at the "nodders" during his… Continue

Added by Mark Buck on September 28, 2008 at 3:41am — 2 Comments I took a month off! *grins*

But God spoke to me during that time...a LOT.

I am leaving my current church in two weeks - it's a decision that didn't come lightly to me, one I agonized over, and God left me PLENTY of messages that I chose to ignore...Now that I made the decision, I feel great...I won't have to be a WL anymore, I can just go to a church, worship God, and find my niche...

Lately though, I've really felt drawn to the teens and their worship. Are they being taught the biblical foundations?… Continue

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Getting youth interested in worshiping and ultimately participating and leading worship


Does anyone have any experience with a bringing the youth into a live worship service, from listening to a few songs on a CD, with or without participation? I'm a newbie, not only to leading youth, but to the church itself, so I need some time to get acclimated, but wonder if anyone else out there has walked into this?

While I know I serve a GREAT BIG GOD, and all things ARE possible, would be good to hear from people who've been there and where they are now, and how… Continue

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Check out the new and improved Recent Rainfall Worship website...

Check out the new and (greatly) improved Recent Rainfall Worship website:

A big thanks to Robin Statzer for all her hard work.

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"Passion and Vision"

"Our Passion and Our Vision"

As a worship leader, technically I am not great, I know that, but what drives me is to bring passion and fire into our worship in our gatherings. I see this as being my vision and mission, beyond that off bring the people into a place where they can meet with God and Worship in spirit and truth. I play with a raw passion to worship God, I lead my team to be the same, we need to bring a passion and a hunger to the gatherings, whether… Continue

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One man plants, one man waters, but it is God who adds the Increase

I have struggled some time now with being "results driven" At a recent Worship Retreat, God allowed me to see that as a Worship Leader, he has never asked me to get results. He only asked that I walk in my purpose which is to lead with integrity, teach, and remember that my life has been anointed for Worship. As i look back, my attempts at controlling and 'commanding the stage" have been futile at best, bet in my heart I thought that results were what would make or break me as a worship leader.… Continue

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"Unified Worship over Blended Worship".

Scott Wesley Brown/

Worship this side of Heaven: the call for “Unified Worship”

Have you ever wondered what worship will be like in Heaven? We all know that it will be glorious and that we will have the honor of worshiping Jesus face to face.

But what kind of worship genre will it be? Will it be traditional or contemporary, Puritan psalm singing or Gregorian chant, Vivaldi choruses or Passion Praise? Will it be in unison or four part harmony, acapella or accompanied… Continue

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Stale Bologna

I've often wondered about how God might wisely handle our all to frequent self-centered prayer requests. The other morning my little girl came bouncing up to me as I stood leaning bleary eyed over my decaf and gleefully proclaimed "Mom ... I want Bologna!" Then she raced off again to her train tracks and play. I'm sure I must have muttered something in response, but I wasn't at all convinced that this was an earnest request. Even in my sleepy state I felt fairly confident that the urge would… Continue

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Sin, Repentance, Restoration and Worship - this post is related to the discussion topic about using the "Healer" song

In 2 Samuel chapter 12 we have the record of King David's sin in connection with Bathsheba. God sent the prophet Nathan to him with the message that the child would surely die. David had sinned, but he loved his son though the child was the fruit of his sin. He had a father's heart and he pleaded with God for his son's life.

But God said, "Because by doing this you have made the enemies of the Lord show utter contempt, the son born to you will die" (verse 4 KJV). But David continued… Continue

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Samaritan Revival on the Road

For about a year not, we have been on the road singing in over 80 cities throughout the U.S. and in Central America. The Lord has truly blessed. Please listen to our music and watch our videos and leave us a comment.

If you would like to have us in your church, you can email me at or you can go to our website at

Thank you your prayers. May God Bless You.

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