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Motivation to serve

Let me ask you a question...

If you asked God for an answer or something and have not received is it because of your righteousness or holiness? 

99% of people will say because of righteousness with God, (right standing between you and God)

and therefore they try to do good works, sing in the worship team, serve as ushers or get involved to earn and use that as a motivation to serve in God's kingdom

Here is the thing. We cannot earn…


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Living like an orphan in God's house

It is so great seeing 50-100 salvations in our church per weekend and we are growing to fast for the building to keep up.

Sadly so many people being born again into the family of Christ, live like orphans in God's home.

To use a comparison, being born again is like entering the outer courts of the old temples. You are saved and have the grace of God, but you do not explore what God has in store for you. You dont get the big picture of this kingdom family. You still live…


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Peace is the greatest instrument on stage


Having a 60 piece worship team all out of volunteers can drive me up the wall sometimes. Being the worship leader full time, allows me to sit down and do decent planning before a practice and service. However, relying on volunteers who are 90% self taught muso's, all have…


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