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Why God is Fussy About His Presence Part 2


“But Jesus answered, "I assure you that the Son can do nothing alone. He does only what he sees his Father doing. The Son does the same things that the Father does”. John 5:19 


Jesus declared these words to prove a point to the Jews of his place and his ministry and was trying to show them the source of his life.

Jesus meant that all He did was exactly what he SAW literally seeing. How did Jesus see what the father was…


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Living In The Presence Of God

We have been taught how to worship and we have been taught how to praise regardless of how and when, we worship because we love to but at the same time there is the presence of God that very few people have been taught about and know about.


Pst Bonnie Deuschle calls the Great Connection that is entering his courts with praise and entering his gates with thanksgiving. In church we know how to get into the presence of God and as soon as we enter into his goodness we stop so…


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The Spirit is Life of a Worshipper

It doesn’t matter what instrument you play or what song you sing or that you stand at the back of the row and people don’t recognize you. The bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and as a worshipper if your heart and life is full of his spirit then however you minister you minister out the spirit with which you are full off


As a worshipper leading a choir or a church into God whatever you condition that you have will be carried into the crowd. If…


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How Holiness Lost Its Place In Worship

You know the Old Testament was cool but we don’t live there anymore we now live under the dispensation of grace, someone said as I talked about holiness and worship. You know Jesus died for our sins and what we are today is by his grace and I realized this kind of teaching has come with the same gospel of universal salvation.


If you don’t know what that Is the gospel of universal salvation says everyone shall be saved at the end of the world including the devil himself will…


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Worship Battle Strategies

A war is a sustained fight between two armed groups of people and then a battle is those areas or places that are fought in the duration of the war. I have heard this saying, the devil won this battle but he hasn’t won the war. Our war is with devil always but in the duration of that war they are smaller battles that we fight every day in our lives and our lives as worshipers whether dancers, mimes, singers, painters or musicians.   


Yes we are, yes we are in a war, war…


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Lifestyle of Worship

Worship is giving, offering, presenting glory, honour, majesty, power and worth to Him who seats on the throne and this is done in various ways. One would use music, one could serve God, one would minister to God, surrender his or her life towards God, one would kneel, one would dance and one would live his life consecrated for God. There are many ways to express our worship. Worship starts from the heart and we use whatever we have to express it to God.

Today when I read this… Continue

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Worship Beyond Words: Worship A Life of Obedience

Obedience according to the Sage Dictionary is the act of obeying, dutiful or submissive with respect to someone else. It is a characteristic that we have to learn on our own, someone said God is always talking what He is looking for is just a willing life to listen and do.

“And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams”,…


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How To Touch Generations Through Worship

Touching generations though worship isn’t the real intention we stand and lift up the name of Jesus. With our world full of different generations plus the future generations, we see that worship reaches to that whole spectrum. Touching generations is a byproduct of our worship, it’s not the focus but God blesses us in return with the ability to touch a generations.

Reading though Psalms I have learnt something about Worship, it’s not just declaring or showing forth his word but It is… Continue

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The Bible, The Worshipper: Which Is Which...

She would say if you are going to be in this choir, band or banners you need to read, live and understand the word of God. In my mind I would be like oh yah, how does singing and reading the bible connect but it took me a while till I got the understanding of how important it is to know his word.


I was reminded of this a few days ago I was reading an article by Herald of His Coming, June 2011 edition and there was a statement in that was the newspaper magazine that struck a…


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Distractions In Worship

So many times we look to the external things that will distract our worship. So many times we look at the external factors, like band, my voice isn’t plus I have a cold and most of the time we blame it on the sound guys, things went that bad because we couldn’t hear ourselves onstage, no air conditioning was off and we were cold.


So many times we look for someone to blame for the things that go wrong in our lives even in our worship. What are some of the things that hold us…


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The Worship Is Not In The Bowing.


So the big question was why do I have to do it, they say raise your hand and bow down but I don’t think that matter you know. God is looking at my heart and he is not worried about what I do. So I thought of it and just searched about this presumption and this is what I found out. 


The worship is not in the bowing but the worship is in the condition of the heart that the whole story here. God sees your worship in the attitude of bowing. In my culture bowing…


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Strings Attached Worship


Arm Twist Worship and Worshipping for a breakthrough or worshipping without string attached out of love, no obligations.


God knows all our desire before we even ask for them in prayer, even in fasting and I always says that it is better to come before the Lord and worship Him out of the abundance of your heart and not hold back.


Arm Twist worship as I call it, is when we worship the Lord because we need deliverance, I worship the Lord big time when I…


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The Sacrificial Part of Worship: Lessons From Manoah

The Sacrificial Part of Worship


In Judges 13 we meet the story of Samson’s birth when an angel came to announce the call of Samson upon Manoah’s wife. The Angel told her she was to conceive and bear a child and no razor would touch his head. She inturn told the Manoah about the visitation.


Manoah was absent when the angelic visitation happened to his wife but regardless He chose to entreat (beseech, request for earnestly) God in his own place that the…


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Why Worship Wars Wont Work

We are busy killing each other in the churches which type of worship or music should be the one that is acceptable and does it fit the right in to the doctrine of the church and the founding fathers of the ministry. I have realized that God receives all offering and sacrifices but what is important is does your sacrifice bring glory to God?


Instead of us fighting and causing churches to split because we are not agreeing with everyone why can’t we not spend our time in asking…


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The Heart, the Mouth and the Worship

So many times we are fighting a lot amongst ourselves what is the best genre or music loops to use for our denominations some call it worship wars. Today let’s look at our own inner and individual worship wars. The heart, the mouth and the worship

The heart

It’s difficult to say which is the best body part or organ but the heart takes the crown for me, it does unimaginable job. But the heart is the core of everything, it’s the core of Christianity and it’s the…


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What’s Gone Wrong With The Worship Of Today

Worship or act of worship with time developed and has become better and in that same place we have lost the potency of worship. God’s ways always bring grace and 


Worship is the place where God meets man, which is the point of contact as men lift him up He dwells in the praise Psalms 22:3. When he is lifted up He draws all men unto himself and our worship today lacks that element of God. As the church, with a capital “C” body of Christ we are slowly losing the potency of…


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Worship Is and Can Be Dangerous Part 4

 Worship is and can be dangerous to everyone around you especially if it is bounces from heaven. We have to take time to learn how to handle a knife before we can use it. Worship is a great blessing to the body of Christ as it allows us direct access to the throne room anytime of the day but it can also destroy us if handled wrongly just like knife.

Today we start in 1 Samuel 13 where we meet King Saul facing war with the Philistines and they set a very huge…


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Worship Is and Can Be Dangerous Part 3

In Genesis 4 we meet the two sons of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, this story hasn’t set well with me and it sill is. God brought me to a certain revelation about how serious he is about worship and its still bringing a lot of elements out of it and I pray that God may reveal to you more about this chapter beyond what he has revealed to me so far.

“One has to dig into the heart attitude, what God requires from you, not what you feel like doing for Him” Wilhelm Olivier

Cain was…


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Worship Is and Can Be Dangerous Part 2

In 2 Samuel 6:3, we meet King David carrying the Ark of The Lord into Jerusalem upon an ox drawn cart with huge celebrations and festive ambiances, ululating, dancing and music which were shortly cut when Uzzah was struck down by God as he was helping the stumbling Ark of the Lord.  


“And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Uzzah; and God smote him there for his error; and there he died by the ark of God” 2Sa 6:7s


When the Ark was in the presence of the…


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Worship Is and Can Be Dangerous Part 1

“The presence of God must have its full power, and the flesh must be silent before Him”

Nadab and Abihu where man of God they were anointed and blessed and even capped with knowledge, sons of the Highest Priest, Aaron and nephews to the deliver of Israel Moses and they had just ordained as the first order of priests in the whole community of Israelites.

“And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer and put fire therein, and… Continue

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