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The Worship That Breaks Out

It’s not the way of the world


2 Chronicles 13:11 we meet an angry King David blaming God that he was trying to bring glory to God by bringing the ark back into Jerusalem something that King Saul did not do. In the process of the Ark being brought, God broke out, smote and killed Uzzah because he took ahold of the Ark as it was stumbling and stopping it from falling.


Was it Uzzah’s fault that he got killed? surely with all your intelligence if you see…


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The Power of the Name of Jesus

A name represents the character of the person, God’s name declares much about person but the Bible reveals God and his name. In today’s world names carry little weight as people carry nicknames, alias’s stage names and all but in the biblical time your name meant a lot of who you are and the destiny you carried, that’s why God had to change the names of some people so that he could work on them.


The International Bible Encyclopedia explains that A “name” is that by which a…


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