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The Worship Is Not In The Bowing.


So the big question was why do I have to do it, they say raise your hand and bow down but I don’t think that matter you know. God is looking at my heart and he is not worried about what I do. So I thought of it and just searched about this presumption and this is what I found out. 


The worship is not in the bowing but the worship is in the condition of the heart that the whole story here. God sees your worship in the attitude of bowing. In my culture bowing…


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Strings Attached Worship


Arm Twist Worship and Worshipping for a breakthrough or worshipping without string attached out of love, no obligations.


God knows all our desire before we even ask for them in prayer, even in fasting and I always says that it is better to come before the Lord and worship Him out of the abundance of your heart and not hold back.


Arm Twist worship as I call it, is when we worship the Lord because we need deliverance, I worship the Lord big time when I…


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The Sacrificial Part of Worship: Lessons From Manoah

The Sacrificial Part of Worship


In Judges 13 we meet the story of Samson’s birth when an angel came to announce the call of Samson upon Manoah’s wife. The Angel told her she was to conceive and bear a child and no razor would touch his head. She inturn told the Manoah about the visitation.


Manoah was absent when the angelic visitation happened to his wife but regardless He chose to entreat (beseech, request for earnestly) God in his own place that the…


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Why Worship Wars Wont Work

We are busy killing each other in the churches which type of worship or music should be the one that is acceptable and does it fit the right in to the doctrine of the church and the founding fathers of the ministry. I have realized that God receives all offering and sacrifices but what is important is does your sacrifice bring glory to God?


Instead of us fighting and causing churches to split because we are not agreeing with everyone why can’t we not spend our time in asking…


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