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Where Does Worship Emanates and Flows From?

Worship Is First Of All Obedience

 Worship is honouring and magnifying God, it’s not confined to singing and dancing but its worshipping him in everything we do night and day. It’s a lifestyle that is lived not for self but for God. It’s a daily experience, the bible says the fruit of my lips should praise God; my life should worship without words and notes.


Genesis 22:5 The principal of first  mention in the bible carries a lot of weight and in this passage of…


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How Do You Worship With Reverence!

Reverence comes from a primitive root which means to fear; causatively to frighten: affright, be (make) afraid, dreadful fear, tremble. The dictionary will tell us that fear is deep respect, if that’s the case then what does reverence mean. I believe that fear doesn’t bring us escape from God but bring us closer.


If you would read the Amplified Bible you will realize that they replaced the word fear with reverence. There is power when we come before God with our hearts and…


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