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Worship is A Decision

 Worship and Salvation are decisions that one has to make, no one makes the decision for you or sign on your behalf, they are all about you and God. God is looking to connect with men and especially with you. Men were created for fellowship with God and fellowship with God is one on one.


“Worship is an internal attitude and action that focuses on God”. Anonymous


Tithe blesses you, fasting makes your spirit sensitive to the Holy Spirit, offering and alms are…


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The Place of Fear and Reverence in Worship


The idea of worship is that one prostrates himself before a superior being with an attitude of awe, respect, honour and homage. It is amazing the things that can be unlocked just through reverence.


“Let us worship with reverence and awe for our God is a consuming fire”. Hebrews 12:29


Reverence means to show respect or fear, a common way in Israel to show reverence was “falling down,” “lying on the ground facedown” as prostration of the body…


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The Mistaken Myth Truth About Surrender!

Worship is all about surrender, giving clearance for a higher authority to take over your life, surrendering our lives, jobs, family and our destinies to the power of God. That worship.

Surrender according to dictionary means:

Give up possession of something: to relinquish possession or control of something because of coercion or force, surrender territory, surrender your passport

Declare yourself defeated: to declare to an…


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