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Man didn’t fall from the sky neither did he develop from a monkey, what makes you so sure that we developed from a monkey? Man was created by God in his image and likeness not only to take dominion, subdue and multiply but He was also created to worship God alone and to give him all the glory.


What God is looking for is communion with men, “And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid…


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Worship Lessons From A Bush Church

I attended a rural church service a couple of weeks ago in Mozambique and it was an interesting. I come from church where I play percussion and in our church we have 2 500 people attending service on a Sunday morning, air conditioning with comfortable seating and a huge band and choir with a an amazing sound system.

So here I am in a church with 7 Men, 7 Women and about 30 kids dancing and worship with in a newly made pole and straw roofed sanctuary, with clear Mother Nature air con,…


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Worshipping Without Words and Music Part 2

Worship goes beyond songs, words, notes, chords and instruments. Worship means to pay homage, falling before someone feet, glorifying a deity, honor paid to dignity, kind of reverence ascribing worth. Genesis 22:5 that was the first mention of the word Worship in the Bible, it denoted sacrifice and obedience.

Worship in today’s ages and to some people means songs and music, that is 3 praise song and 3 worship songs if there are more than 6 songs at your church…


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Why My Heart Alone

Worship in the bible started as an attitude of sacrifice and obedience and with time it became an integral part in Israel with the tabernacle and sacrifices evolving into worship and music. Now we are having so many worship wars in the church over the small little things and we haven’t searched the scriptures to know what the word says, all we know has been passed down from the generation before us.


One of the things we have been told is that worship is a matter of the heart.…


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Worshipping Without Words and Music


When one speaks about worship beyond just singing and music, people tend to squirm. The question I kept looking for in the word of God was “is there worship beyond singing and music”. Worship in the word of God is shown that it goes beyond words. Worship isn't an act but it so a lifestyle and a daily experience that one lives every day.

Our lives are sometimes a mystery but the greatest gift we have been given is worship. Fruit is one way that we can worship…


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Worship: The Glory Of God

The glory of the Lord is what we live for, to bring him glory. In old English they would say glory is to ascribe or give back the honour and splendor to him who deserves it. Glory in Hebrew and Greek speaks of splendor, light, rarity, honour beauty and abundance.

God is already full of glory (honour, power, majesty, rarity) and there is nothing we can do to change it. He already receives perfect worship from all angels and heavenly beings. We can not change that and we can’t…


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Characteristics Of A Worshipper

Being a child of God and being called a Christian qualifies a person to be a worshipper, whether you have a sweet voice or a horsey voice, whether you can dance or you have CRD (Caucasian Rhythm Disorder) in God’s books you qualify as a worshipper.


The name of a person reveals their character and the quality of worship reveals the character of a worshipper. Just like the names of God reveal his character and a worshipper is known his or her…


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Is Worship a Sunday Thing or A Daily Life Experience, What Do You Think?…

Worship is a lifestyle not mean to be a Sunday event, it is a daily experience which we are committed to for the rest of our existence, so if you don’t go to church does that mean that in that week, or if you relocate away from church then you will not worship.


Worship goes beyond geographical boundaries, atmospheres, locations, prayer, churches and any kind of meetings. We worship God everywhere and anywhere, with lifted voices, with silent adoration, lifted hands,…


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Worship is A Decision

 Worship and Salvation are decisions that one has to make, no one makes the decision for you or sign on your behalf, they are all about you and God. God is looking to connect with men and especially with you. Men were created for fellowship with God and fellowship with God is one on one.


“Worship is an internal attitude and action that focuses on God”. Anonymous


Tithe blesses you, fasting makes your spirit sensitive to the Holy Spirit, offering and alms are…


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The Place of Fear and Reverence in Worship


The idea of worship is that one prostrates himself before a superior being with an attitude of awe, respect, honour and homage. It is amazing the things that can be unlocked just through reverence.


“Let us worship with reverence and awe for our God is a consuming fire”. Hebrews 12:29


Reverence means to show respect or fear, a common way in Israel to show reverence was “falling down,” “lying on the ground facedown” as prostration of the body…


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The Mistaken Myth Truth About Surrender!

Worship is all about surrender, giving clearance for a higher authority to take over your life, surrendering our lives, jobs, family and our destinies to the power of God. That worship.

Surrender according to dictionary means:

Give up possession of something: to relinquish possession or control of something because of coercion or force, surrender territory, surrender your passport

Declare yourself defeated: to declare to an…


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Worship, Unforgiveness and Sin. The Challenge!

“Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place, He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully”, Psalms 24:3

Worship is the vehicle that is at the centre of God and it should be at the centre of our lives also. God doesn't want men standing before Him and worshipping Him but carrying unforgiven sin and unforgiveness full in our lives. The bible tells us that God hates the sin…


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Prepared to Worship


 Always ask yourself am I prepared to Worship God anytime, anyplace, anywhere?


When we worship our minds think about God, we offer ourselves to Him our emotions and we open our hearts with our bodies expressing to all this by actions. Which means that worship is not just a mouth but it’s about your spirit, soul and body all focused to lift up his name. If you check yourself and see that you are missing one part then there is something you need to work…


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Who or What Directs Worship?

The question, Who or what Directs Worship

Ever thought of it, Is it the metronome, the beat, kick drum, the singer, the chior. If not then what drives worship 

Worship is not about you and your needs, it isn’t about how we feel or have an idea about but it should be a place where God is lifted up the way he wants. Worship was set by God to be a place where we commune with God, enjoy his presence and also to become more like God because when we spent more time in…


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Worshipping With Jesus

Our lives and worship should be offered though Jesus Christ, He just like the Holy Spirit know how to get into the presence of God and stand with our offering before the father. In our worship let it start from our hearts, with the help of the Holy Spirit through Jesus then will our worship be acceptable before God.


“Worship is sealed and concretized by the blood of Jesus”


“The worship of God through Jesus Christ lies at the heart of all Christian…


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Worship In Truth

 Truth in the bible has been translated to cover this words firmness, stability, constancy and also faithfulness, honesty, justice and also uprightness


“Truth also means being honest with God”.


Jesus said the only truth was to be found in God’s word for it is this word that is true. The greatest worshipper on earth is the one who understands and has communion with the word of God. You can’t worship someone you don’t know and the best way to know God is to read…


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Worshipping In The Spirit

What does the word of God say about how we are to worship God? So here it goes, let us answer these questions together.

“The Holy Spirit within us should energizes the worship because He is in the essence of glorifying Himself and all true worship glorify God”

 “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” John 4:24

Someone said it “is in the realm of the…


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Worshipping From The Heart

How We Worship Reason 1

There are so many reason how we worship and I have realised that there are so many of them but if all of our worship isn't based from the heart we are busy self entertaining. 


Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and our hearts are the altars of…


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What Worship Is All About

Worship is the central part of God and heaven but is the most misunderstood part of human life. Someone once wrote if it’s a pattern of heaven then we should emulate it in our lives but when we look around creation in worshipping but man is walking with worship of self or desire to worship God but do not know why.


Worship isn’t just an idea, a person, or a thing it is a lifestyle that God has called us to leave. Genesis 1 speaks about the mandate of man multiply,…


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Where Does Worship Emanates and Flows From?

Worship Is First Of All Obedience

 Worship is honouring and magnifying God, it’s not confined to singing and dancing but its worshipping him in everything we do night and day. It’s a lifestyle that is lived not for self but for God. It’s a daily experience, the bible says the fruit of my lips should praise God; my life should worship without words and notes.


Genesis 22:5 The principal of first  mention in the bible carries a lot of weight and in this passage of…


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