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Driven...or Called?

I'm rather cloudy today and have zero time to really get this down -- so this sentiment is likely to wander ...

But I just wanted to share something I'm learning about myself in the hopes that someone out there might relate.. or benefit...maybe.

I am learning that for me the greatest barrier to intimacy with Christ .. is striving in service to him. A wise pastor from our church said plainly one evening "you can either be driven or you can be called". I get that these… Continue

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Worship: When did it become and "Industry" and a product

I hadn't really been pondering the deep intellectual roots of why contemporary Christian worship has morphed into what it has ... I usually don't think on that level, simple gal that I am. But I caught a clip from Brian McLaren today that sort of described this growing nausea I've been contending with that we are turning worship into a manufacturing process. I kept soundly scolding myself when I'd start to question or wonder about the ways and whys of worship -- I was SURE it was a root of… Continue

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I am worried...of late...or rather deeply concerned about the degree of idolatry that is everywhere I look. In reading about Gideon today in Judges I was so moved and again inspired by how intimately God led him to victory. How God sweetly sent Gideon 'in the strength he had', how God patiently confirmed though not one but two fleeces, how he knew he'd face fear and sent dreams to encourage.. and of course how miraculously and spectacularly God delivered Israel amidst trumpet blares and… Continue

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Stale Bologna

I've often wondered about how God might wisely handle our all to frequent self-centered prayer requests. The other morning my little girl came bouncing up to me as I stood leaning bleary eyed over my decaf and gleefully proclaimed "Mom ... I want Bologna!" Then she raced off again to her train tracks and play. I'm sure I must have muttered something in response, but I wasn't at all convinced that this was an earnest request. Even in my sleepy state I felt fairly confident that the urge would… Continue

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I was working aroung the house the other day while my little girl watched a program on PBS called "Super Why" ... it's a fun little show that teaches letters, words and reading that she really gets into. I had been pondering many spiritual things in my tiny mind that morning as I struggled to fully awaken to the day. At one moment the show was focusing on the spelling of the word SING. As in most pre-school shows, each letter was posted with fan fare and a significant pause to allow the young… Continue

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Awakening Through Tragedy... 12/07

That Sunday morning I’ll admit that I had entertained the lull of laziness and was considering staying home from church. I had woken up in a haze of tiredness and apathy, and had let life run me down without renewing my mind as I ought. As I listened to the lies lulling me with rationalizations, I slunk into the office and plopped down at my computer for some mindless e-mail sorting. I sifted through a couple of messages and then drowsily opened a bulk e-mail from Pastor George expecting to… Continue

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