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Grumpy Fish now Happy Fish?

A recent article I read asserts that an alarming amount of drugs for humans are winding up in the environment, in this case fish in the St. Lawrence river.

Anti-depressants found in fish


"...leading scientists to wonder if the "happy hormone" is altering the lifestyle of the chronically grumpy-looking marine animals."




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Chance, Coincidence, Cause, Correlation & Conspiracy

(I apologize that turned in more of an essay than a blog... read your own risk... ;)


There was a recent discussion that perked my curiosity. Initially I didn't want to get too involved, but the thread got the better of me: Good Luck - Worse curse ever


The deinitions are as such (via Dictionary.com):…


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Prayer for Middle East (Egypt)

Coptic Church Bombed on New Years Day


On New Year's Day in Egypt, the year was wrung in with violence based on religious persecution. 21 are dead, 79 are injured on the 1st day of 2011. Coptics (Christians) vs. Muslims. Muslim extremist have used this holiday season to unleash their terror on Christians in Nigeria after similar recent…


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Church: Country Club or Drop-in Center

Lately, something has been bothering me, and I thought I'd get it off my chest, and put it down on paper. I've been doing some soul searching about the local church. Obviously the newest fade is the "emerging" church, but I am not a fan of that movement. I'd much rather side with Philip Yancey and his book Soul Survivor, how as scared as he was growing up in a church that was not ideal, he knows that God loves his bride.

However, onto my main point, as I've been observing things at… Continue

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Waiting for the Rain...

For some reason, I've been thinking of what is now an older song, written in 1995 (or so the teens in the worship team I'm in tell me). The song is Matt Redman's "Find Me In The River". I've been especially thinking about 2nd half of the chorus:

Find me on my knees with my soul laid bare

Even though your gone and I'm cracked and dry

Find me in the river, I'm waiting here.

I liken this Kathryn Scott's "Hungry" and even a older Maranatha song, Martin… Continue

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Let's all clap together... and declare the victory of our God!

Well Sunday (May 24th) will again by my team's spot in the worship rotation, and we're planning on on doing the song There Is A Louder Shout To Come by Matt Redman. Our pastor will be doing a sermon on eternity and that heavily influenced my selection of this song.

However, what was interesting is that we've been collectively trying to see if we can invite more inspiring worship at our church. As a somewhat conservative Chinese Baptist Church, I believe culturally speaking,… Continue

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The Sacrifice of Worship...

As I was sending out an email today, I was thanking for someone for being a part of the worship ministry I am in, I remembered a worship set that I did a few weeks. The response song was Surrender by Mark James. I distinctly recall that for that particular set, in the days/weeks leading up that song touched me quite a bit.

It's like that saying: "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy".

Sometimes the worship ministry is like that. I've had a number of "situations"… Continue

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