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YOUR SONG TO RADIO? Limited to 10 Spots!‏

A-Sides Radio Promotion has allowed 10 songs from members of Worship The Rock into their mid June Christian Radio Campaign before the price increase! Their new system is now out of the beta testing stage and will be moving into the new pricing starting in July. Therefore, we are now accepting submissions for the mid June Christian Radio Campaign. Send us an MP3 of your song(s) to phil@worshiptherock.com and we will send your song in for approval. If your song is selected for this campaign,…


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What is the BBC trying to educate and inform us with in Torchwood?

A friend of mine recently wrote an interesting article about the series on the BBC called Torchwood. If you happened to watch it please read his blog post and leave a comment - thanks:


What is the BBC trying to educate and inform us with in Torchwood?


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Rick Cogbill - Man On A Mission!

As mentioned in one of our recent Forum Discussions (When God Changes Your Focus…), one of our administrators, Rick Cogbill, has felt God’s call on his heart to start a mission organization called Mercy Tech Mission (www.mercytechmission.com) .


As a result, Rick is getting ready to embark on some new adventures, and we thought you might to know a little…


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Spotify, iPhones & The US

I've been following the Spotify iPhone application submission with interest and on August 28th Spotify announced that Apple have now approved their application. It will be very interesting to see how this changes purchase behaviour and if people prefer to pay a one off monthly fee to access as much music as they want.

To see what the iPhone app will look like you can watch the video… Continue

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New Worship Leader / Worship Pastor Job Board

We've decided to make the job listings on Worship The Rock free to post for the foreseeable future.

As the job board is a new feature we're experimenting with different ideas and think this is a good way to go...at least for now.

So please do go ahead and post any worship pastor / worship leader job openings in your church or that you're aware. Also, please spread the word to your church office that it's free to post worship jobs on Worship The Rock!

Just go… Continue

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The Secret to David’s Promotion

I recently read a fantastic book by Bill Johnson called "Strengthen Yourself in the Lord". As I often do, I enjoyed the book so much that I raced through it only to realise I couldn't remember many of the lessons I thought i'd learnt along the way!

I'm therefore re-reading the book and summarising the key points from each chapter. I thought this would make for an interesting blog so hopefully some of you will find my notes helpful too.

I'll post my notes from each chapter… Continue

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Congratulations to the following three members of Worship The Rock who each win a copy of the full version of Power Music in our May competition:

Jeff Rossman

William Kunkel

Irvin… Continue

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May Competition - Win Power Music!

Thanks to our friends at Cambron Software we have three copies of Power Music to giveaway to WTR members in our May competition.

To be in with a chance simply invite at least 5 friends who are involved with worship leading (including playing in a worship team) to join WTR… Continue

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Made Me Glad

Over the last few months when struggling with various things going on in my life one song has kept helping me through difficult times. It's called 'Made me Glad' and it's by Hillsong. The lyrics (and melody if you know it) are so uplifting and faith building i'm sure you'll agree:

I will bless the Lord forever

I will trust Him at all times

He has delivered me from all fear

He has set my feet upon a rock

I will not be moved

And I'll say of the… Continue

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New Appearance on WTR!

We're going to be trying out different colours and themes on WTR over the next week or so. Please bear with us as the site will look different to normal and may change several times while you're browsing around on it!



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I've just recently come across this amazing piece of software called Spotify. It's similar to iTunes in design but basically allows users to stream songs for free, as long as they don't mind putting up with an advert every 20 minutes or so. The advert is similar to standard radio ads in nature and length. You can choose to pay to use it and you don't have any ads then - it's £10/month in the UK.

According to Wikipedia it's not available in the US yet but is available in the UK and… Continue

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Offer For WTR Members!

I sent this out to all members but it seems that as it had the word 'Free' and other similar words it may have been blocked in people's spam filters. If you didn't receive the message here it is again.

Good news - we have teamed up with Power Music to bring Worship The Rock members a fantastic offer.

Using the following link (which will only be available until 31st March 09 midnight GMT) you can purchase Power Music and get the accompanying foot pedal absolutely… Continue

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Bill Johnson On Worship

I've just listened to Bill Johnson talking on the subject of worship. I highly recommend these two videos to you - they're about 15 minutes in total.

I especially like what he says about worshipping the worship and about worship being the majority of his prayer life. Enjoy!…


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Chat, Chat, Chat!

As some of you know, we have introduced a new Chat system that has features many of you have asked for. Those of you (like me) who are used to the old system will have to readjust to the new system. For those who haven’t used Chat before, welcome aboard!

We’ve retained all the great features we had previously such as private chats, and now have the following new features in this next version:

Chat will continue to be available on every page of Worship The Rock. Chat is now… Continue

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A Transformed Mind

I'm currently reading through "The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind" by Bill Johnson. This is a fantastic book. It's so exciting to read about some things that i've believed for a long time but don't often hear people teach or preach about.

Often we limit God by our small thinking. Every now and then we see or hear something that stirs us up and reminds us of what the Christian life should be about. How we should be living. The things we should be believing for and seeing… Continue

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Who Might You Recognise On WTR?!

Since 'Worship The Rock' launched back in April 2008 we've spotted a few well known worship leaders and Christian musicians on here. I've noticed the following people you may have heard of:

Russell Fragar

(Ex-Hillsong pianist and songwriter, known for writing songs like: "And That My Soul Knows Very Well"; "Friends in High Places"; "God Is in the House"; "I Believe the Promise"; "Love You So… Continue

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Amazing Healing Testimony

The WTR admin team and I are going to start trying to blog a bit more regularly and i've got a great testimony to share with you in this one!

I watched this healing testimony about 5 years ago and they've updated the video to show more detail and more about her life since. I don't want to give too much away but this testimony is so powerful and so well documented. I watched it again last night and it just reminds me how awesome and… Continue

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Win Fantastic Worship Software - 3 Copies To Giveaway

We've got a fantastic competition for you this month! Thanks to Cambron Software we have three copies of Power Music to giveaway to our members. In case you don't know what a fantastic product Power Music is check out the description at the bottom of this blog.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply invite as many worship leader friends or worship team… Continue

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The WTR Member Map

Hope you had a great Christmas...

Here at WTR we've just set up a member map so you can put yourself on the WTR map! Please check it out by visiting this link and add yourself to the map:


Not only will this be interesting to see where everyone is from but it will also give us an easier way of finding people who live near to us. To visit the map… Continue

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Happy Christmas from WTR!

Hi Worship The Rock'ers!

Hope you're all really well and that your Christmas plans and preparations are progressing nicely.

Welcome to all of our new members that have joined since the last newsletter - we're fast approaching 2000 members on WTR!

Please do take a moment to post your worship set lists each week - this is a fantastic resource for all of us and helps when planning your next set list or when looking for new songs to try. You can browse December set… Continue

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