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Good News Praise Band featured on radio blog interview

I was interviewed on a blog radio program on May 8, 2009, for the release of my third book, The Stinging Salve. The host featured several songs from my praise band during the interview.

You can hear the entire interview and songs at this link:

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God Came Down

Note: This discussion reviews Old and New Testament references to the most personal atonement gift God could offer us, namely Himself. The author recognizes that Christian tradition celebrates the birth of Christ on December 25 (as Christmas), which incorporated pagan end-of-year winter celebrations, previously in existence. Based on the New Testament account in Luke 2:8, Jesus was more than likely born during warmer weather since the shepherds were still out in the fields with their… Continue

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The Matter of Goodness

The Dilemma of Probable Outcomes

What if a person lives a good life but chooses not, or absolutely refuses, to believe in the “Christian” God? Why would God condemn a “good person” even though he or she lived a “good life” and was a “good person” by Man’s standards? What if all the “good souls in the world” do not possess the psychological wherewithal to make the “leap of faith” to Christ? Does God condemn them for their lack of faith?

The hypothetical questions… Continue

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Why a perfect, first-born male sacrifice-requirement?

Perhaps it never made it onto your radar screen before... this unusual sacrifice-requirement God demanded of his followers for the atonement of sin: a perfect, first-born male. Why did the sacrifice have to be perfect (without blemish or defect)? What was the significance of the first-born male? Why not the second or third? Why not a female?

The request would make little sense to anyone outside of the faith. After all, a sacrifice is a sacrifice, isn't it? Does one sacrifice mean… Continue

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A Poetic Note of Gratitude

Note: A friend from my weekly Bible study sent me a very encouraging e-mail this week. It reminded me that although I may not always receive acknowledgement for my efforts to encourage others in their walk of faith, God is watching. He sees and knows I am trying my best. So, on occasion, he sends me a postcard from Heaven through another person, just to say "I AM with you."

This poem was a response to God's postcard from Heaven this week.

Just… Continue

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What Is Worship?

Worship is the investment of the invisible currency of faith, through daily deposits of devotion, compounded with long-term interest in pleasing God, which pays the highest future yield in dividends through Heaven’s eternal reward.

The Gadfly
(copyright 2008, Gregory Allen Doyle)

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