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CD Available on CDbaby.com

Figured I better post that the CD is now available on CDbaby since my last post was about sending it off. You can check it out at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ElmanAuthement

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CDs in the mail!

Yesterday I brought my newly mastered CD to Accupress, a comany that will be doing the artwork for my new CD, "Glorious Songs". It should only take a couple of days to approve the work and then it'll be sent off for replication. They're telling me a 12 to 14 day turnaround before I'll get my CDs shipped to my front door. Can't wait!

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Happy Easter to all! Today we leave from New Orleans on a Western Carribean cruise aboard the Norwegian Spirit. We'll be visiting Costa Maya, Santo Tomas Quatemala, Belize, and Cozumel. I may be away from the computer a lot so excuse me if I don't repspond qucikly.
blessings, elman

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Dance lessons Tuesday night

Ok so my wife and I have enrolled in some dance lessons at the college nearby my home. Not your typical "line dancing" either. The waltz, romba and all those other classical dances you see on "Dancing With The Stars". Of course they won't be that extreme. Just trying to get the basics. This is my wife's dream...to dance with her husband and I sweep her off her feet like the movie with Richard Geer. I forget the name. It's all for love...

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A Happy Worship Team

What constitues "happiness"? I looked up the definition in Webster's 1828 Dictionary and one of the definitions I found was…

Being in the enjoyment of agreeable sensations from the possession of good; enjoying pleasure from the gratification of appetites or desires.

If there was no other way to experience happiness than that all of my surroundings, that is, circumstances and people I come into to contact with present to me a sensation that agrees with my desires and expectations, then… Continue

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Thibodaux Christmas Parade

This afternoon was our city's annual Christmas Parade. Our church has always played a big part when it comes to getting involved in our community. We usually have a float and a train that we put the small kids in and many of us walk throwing candy and trinkets. I've posted some new pictures up for you to look at. It's just our way of being a part of the community and celebrating Christmas with them and not staying behind the walls of our church.

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Sushi and fellowship

So tonight we are going to my favorite Sushi restaraunt, Osakas with all the members of my cell group (home Bible study). They are all young, 30 somethings and we are kinda like mom and pop. Gonna be fun at the Sushi bar watching the food and fire and the show our chef puts on.

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After All These Years (wedding anniversary song)

Here's a song for any of you about to celebrate a wedding anniversary or maybe your parents are celebrating a big 50th wedding anniversary. I wrote this song for my Pastor's wife's parents on their 50th wedding anniversary. I know some of you are not big country music fans and this is my debut at country music so be gentle.

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Psalms 23, another new song

This song as of now is still unfinished. I did the acoustic guitar and vocal but I wanting to put some violin or something like that on the song as well. I actually wrote the song about 25 years ago! Wow, I didn't even know all of the chords I was playing when I wrote the song. I just knew they sounded good together. So far now it is "as is". It's amazing though how I was able to stay true to the King James Version of the song, pretty much word for word.

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God's Grace

I'm sitting here tonight amazed at the manifold grace of God. It's overwhelming for me grasp all that God has done in one year. One of the strongest words I received in the past year was during the deepest hurt of my life. The word came at 1:30 in the morning (because I couldn't sleep) on Youtube. (who said God can't use Youtube:^) Here is the word in a nutshell...

When it rains on the mountain, where does the water go? answer=the valley. Everyone loves the mountaintop experiences when the… Continue

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A Fish Story


Fishing in South Louisiana is always good. At least for me it is. Saturday 11/22 my wife and I went fishing with her dad. The limit on red fish is 5 per person so we were allowed 15. Well, I caught 12 my wife caught 2 and father in law caught 1. Then we caught another 40 or more but we had to release them. So needless to say there are a lot of fish out there with a sore lip… Continue

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What is worship?

I had started a devotion several months ago with our worship team. These were some things I copied and thought of myself to share with the group. Hope it speaks to you in some way.


Since we will be talking about worship as a lifestyle, worship leading and worship music in general, I figured this will be the best place to start. What is worship? What is “not” worship? How can we become better worshippers?

We have become obsessed with external… Continue

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The new song Jesus' Blood

I posted this song temporarily because I was trying something out with the song uploader and it was the only song I had. The song is not finished. I have guitars to redo on the intro, background vocals to add, etc. This song was written by me and John Green of Recent Rainfall. It's my first try at a modern hymn. I'll only leave it up for 24 hours or so and then I'll delete it and repost it when it's complete. I am interested in your thoughts.



JESUS’… Continue

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Can't Stop The Rain (new song)

OK, so I've posted this new song called "Can't Stop The Rain". I must first explain some things here. This is a song is a from a comedy routine I've done in the past. The words talk about "You can't stop the rain, but you always got your slicker suit." A slicker suit is a term we use for a rain suit here in South Louisiana. Many of you may know this but I know many people don't so I have to help you understand this or it will not be funny as it should. I would usally be wearing a "slicker suit"… Continue

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two new songs posted

As you can see I've posted two new songs on my player that will be on my solo project. Everlasting You Are God is sung by my daughter Joni and does her own BGVs too. At this time 9/30/08, I'm not sure that this one is complete. I may add a few more things.

The second song is Strength to Strength which I collaborated with John Green of Recent Rainfall on. It has to be a "God thing" to meet someone over the Internet, establish a relationship, and end up writing songs together. Only God can… Continue

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