1. You may bow down in the physical but in your heart you will be standing straight”.


Bowing is an expression of what the heart is like, most people think if they bow even with the heart they are worshipping. If worship is done without a heart it becomes a ritual not worship. Bowing before is an expression of the overflow of where your spirit is.


  1. “Praise isn’t for whimps because its aim is to get Jesus involved in your business”.


“When I am lifted up I will draw all man unto me” or “I dwell in the midst of the praises of my people”. When you worship God you summon Him to show up in your life, when offered aright worship attracts God’s attention more than anything”


  1. “Worship is not just the heart but attitude, character and service offered to God”.


We think if we can say God here is my heart and look aside and we think God is going to accept it forget it. It’s like a husband who gives a wife a present whilst he is looking the other way, even though the heart is there but the manner in which it was offered, makes it difficult to accept even though the gift is beautiful


  1. “It’s not what you carry alone into worship but what you do whilst you are there”.


Most people yearn and work on getting into the presence and the moment they enter his throne room, they do not know they are there and you would hear them say, worship service ends here and God is seated before you. Most people do not conduct their lives aright and they think they can conduct themselves in the presence of God, it doesn’t work


  1. “When we worship aright God adorns us with inner beauty”.


Worship allows us to leave all our life’s filth, burdens and problems in exchange for the glory of God that we are beholding in the presence of God. Worship is a beautiful exchange which man receives a great gift, the God’s glory in exchange of their lives, beauty for ashes power for pain.


  1. “Your life will bring a smelt offering to God, be careful how it smells”.


Worship as agreed is daily lifestyle and offering to God, when offered in an acceptable manner it produces an aroma that attracts God’s attention and if offered from a foul heart it offers a bad smell. So as you walk and live your life daily you are offering something to God, make sure you are aware of what you are offering to God.


  1. “When God speaks our initial response to His promptings is to worship Him”.

In the Old Testament when God would appear or show up, their initial response would be to bown down, wit their faces to the ground and worship. I have been taught when a woman enters or leaves the room you stand, its our response to a female. When God comes in your life what do you do, what your response


  1. “It’s in the place of worship that our hearts and minds should stand in reverence of the God you standing before”.

Worship makes us be prepared to meet the God we worship, Worship prepares the ground, breaks up the fallow ground of our lives and allows you to meet God.


  1. “In Worship it’s not about us but it’s about him”.

We think worship should serve us, but the reason we worship is to meet God, so then why do you feel and act like God owes you something because you worshipped Him, why do you think that God has to give you something because you worshipped him. Wake up God does not owe anyone, worship is a blessing to mankind as it releases a lot of things for us.


    1.  “It’s when we pour our hearts out and our attitude and character aligns that God accepts our worship”.

Worship is not just sing its about the heart, will, emotions and character of a person aligning and then it is expressed in lifting up of hands, bowing down and if all these are done without a heart then they become a ritual. So myself I should be united then I will lift up my worship to you.  

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