Change of Pace +Change of Location=

“Change of pace + Change of location=Change of perspective”
I once heard this quote from a guy named Mark Batterson and it has always stuck in my head. I decided to apply this piece of wisdom a few weekends ago. My gorgeous wife Sarah and I packed up our little gray civic with some food, games, books and a lot of clothes and headed off to a little ocean town a few hours away. As soon as we entered the town we spotted a community garage sale and found some treasures including some killer carrot cake and some vintage clothes. We then headed off to our condo and walked down by the ocean. We were astounded at God’s creation and his goodness in our lives. It didn’t take us long to resort back to our childhood as we found a big red kite to fly. It was amazing how the Lord refreshed and met us as we took some time away to be with each other and to be with Him. I left for the trip feeling exhausted and tired from a super busy season of ministry and came home feeling like I could take on the world. If you are feeling a bit weary, maybe it’s time to take to get away and be with your family and with the Lord.
p.s. Mark Batterson wrote an amazing book called “In a pit with a lion on a snowy day”.

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Comment by Worship The Rock on June 20, 2008 at 5:57pm
Great story!


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