Can You hear me now??? How about now?....uh

OK...I know that God promises He will never leave or forsake us - but what about the times we inadvertantly in some way, shape or form, wander away from Him? Or maybe we just don't hear Him? Either because we don't WANT to, or He has nothing to say to us at the moment, although WE may want to hear something.

That to me is one of the most frustrating aspects of my relationship with God. It's like when my hubby is watching a golf game on TV, and I want to say something to him, and he goes "shhhhh! after this shot"....What? golf game is more important than your wife? (although I guess during the US open, it temporarily is! :-) But you can't say to God "Hey! *pokes* I am talkin' to you God! Listen up and give me an answer puh-leeze?!!!!" Because first off, there is nothin' to poke...Secondly, God is always listening...but when I can't hear the answer, it drives me nuts.

I've been praying for a while...over a year...about a particular situation. I am used to getting answers from God - we are muy sympatico. The big guy always comes through for me in one way, shape or form. Except for this one thing. And that drives me nuts.

Now, I appreciate any advice on how to pray differently/effectively, how to listen, etc. etc. etc...but I've tried it all. So right now, I am staying on as WL in my present church, because I haven't gotten the OK from the big guy to move on. And that's what's driving me nutz. I'm trying to figure out what God wants me to do here. My faith is being tested, and you know, I don't like my faith being tested. It's not a pleasant experience. "My heart and soul cry out, for you the living God" is a line from a worship song that would fit here, but when your faith is being tested, it's like the words fall on empty walls.

I want that nice fuzzy soclosetoGodIcanfeelit feeling. All the time. 24/7. Unrealistic, I know, but hey, I am only human! :-) When I don't have it, I hate it. Sometimes I stumble trying to find my way back to the fold. Ok, let me amend that...USUALLY I stumble and prolong the journey, because I am frantic to get back to that place of peace.

Did you ever lose anything important? Car keys, money, bills, homework, whatever...and did you ever tear up your home looking for it? Then all of sudden, oops there it is right in front of your face? I think that happens sometimes when we lose God. We are so frantic trying to find Him, that we run right by where He's standing waiting for us. Not once, but numerous times, until we take a deep breath, stop what we are doing, and look carefully.

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. - Psalm 46:10

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Comment by Glenn on June 20, 2008 at 6:38pm
Been there and done that.

God has his own daily planner and each one of us has an appointment. Be patient.
Comment by Chris on June 21, 2008 at 3:49am
Glenn, when I read your reply, I had to laugh, because really, my whole relationship with God has been him holding me by the back of my collar as my feet run at full speed, and saying gently to me "Hey Chris...patience...slow down"....and there you go and remind me of that again...from God's mouth to your heart LOL


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