Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. --- Matthew 28: 19-20

I was thinking the other day...and perhaps I should throw in a disclaimer before I get started...

*DISCLAIMER* - The opinions expressed here are uniquely my own, and are not intended to judge, label, or in any way, shape or form criticize, denigrate, or lessen what any other church/worship team/leader does...

Ok...I think that covers it...*grins*

We have a fairly new member on our team...He's a teenager who loves God, and really felt led to play on the worship team. When he first came, he needed improvement. He had a hard time keeping the rhythm, it took him a while to catch on, besides being painfully shy (I wonder if that's a univeral teenage guy thing though? Most of them I know turn monosyllabic once they hit puberty)...Any rate :)

6 months later (skip to present)...WOW is all I can say...He has improved like you would not believe...He has this gift of being able to follow our lead rhythm guitar player that borders on uncanny. He doesn't skip a beat. He practices hard (believe me, it shows) and always comes to practice and Sunday morning with his guitar tuned and ready...and...he's breaking out of that shy shell!

I read a lot of posts on various forums (*kaffWORSHIPTOGETHER.COM*kaff*) where WL put their dilemmas. Often times, it involves people that aren't quite "good enough" for the team...(and here folks, is where the disclaimer is gonna come in handy!) A lot of times, the replies are "They need to step down" or "Let them get more experience before they join" or just a plain "no way".

When I first came to my present position, I was a perfectionist. Admit it...if you are a musician, you are a perfectionist. Don't try to deny it, it's true!...It drove me nuts if people were offkey, or the harmony was off, or the guitars were out of tune...ouch my ears!! But God worked on me...and really if you think about it...what is Christ telling us to do in that scripture? We immediately think of missions because it says "of all nations", but I think that can easily apply on the home front as well, especially in the US, where we are just a giant bowl of alphabet of nations soup.

What I like is the line after the baptizing part - "teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you". That's important, especially in any ministry, and especially if you are a leader, and it doesn't even have to be in worship...but as leaders, we are responsible for teaching our charges everything that Jesus has commanded us...that includes love, compassion, mercy, as well as obedience, trusting in God, submitting out of reverence to Christ, and all that other good stuff.

My point is this - I could have told our teenager "come back when you're better" (in a nice christ like way) but what if I discouraged him by doing that? Yes, we had to put up with some miffed chords, and perhaps a bit of lag in the beginning, but GOD WORKED, and he worked, and together, wow...look what was accomplished. We now have an extra guitar, and a valuable member of our team. God worked on me though too...three years ago, I never would have done that...but by softening my heart, and teaching me to see what He saw...that a pure heart is what He desires more than sacrifice...and to put up with a bit of imperfect, because He is in control, and will use ALL things for His glory, and will give us ALL we need to do His :) Thanks Lord!

I attend a small church - but I am sure you could work something out even in a megachurch, where there are ubah musicians and a tight, slick worship service extraordinaire. I'm sure there is some place you could slot someone that needs the encouragement and guidance from people that can mentor them both spiritually and musically on their journey that God is taking them on...

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."

What a great scripture to remind us that the mission field doesn't always mean overseas. We can start right in our own church :)

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Comment by Bill Phillips on July 16, 2008 at 6:42pm
Wow Chris, I was up when you posted this but I was busy looking for work, God Bless you. I am glad you stuch with him. I have been guilty of being to crtical at times, and your right some mega churches are tough to break into unless your accomplished. I had lunch with a worship leader named Michael Gungor who leads worship with Isreal Houghton in mega Churches. They are usually large enough to have smaller teams to help train them up. I have'nt had that luxury. So I to need to be more flexable and patience with others. Your right, God is in charge and I got to believe he can play the guitar and he is the teacher. The most important part is we need to be there teachers before the world gets ahold on them and offers to be there teacher. Thanks Bill Phillips


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