I love how God loves to surprise us sometimes...you know, do something and then give you a poke, as if to say "AHA...see...I *am* here...PSYCH!!!" And you just have to smile and say "Ok God...I get it...for now...but please don't be surprised if you have to show me *again* some time in the near future"

I often wonder how He keeps everything organized...How does He hear us? Are our prayers just a cacophony of babble? Or can he somehow hear each and every petition cos he's...God? If you get a bunch of people praying for something specific, is the celestial hum a bit louder, enough to perk His ears up and say "Hmm..."

When I pray specifically for someone, that's the image I get in my head...The whole group of people praying for one person or thing, and the heavenly murmers become louder and rise above the rest of the prayers being uttered around the world.

I don't know if that's what really happens, I won't know til I get up to heaven...

Do you have a list of things you want to ask God when you get up to heaven? I do, so does my daughter. It's those things that I want to know...

1. Why can men father children til they die of old age, but women can't bear children til they die?

That's a question I've had for years, because I always thought it was sort of unfair...and don't blame Eve for this! :)

2. Why do teeth always want to return to their original position, even if it was a lousy one to begin with? They go through all that work breaking down and building up bone to move, and then they're in a perfect position, and if you don't hold them there BAM...off they go rebuilding and breaking down bone yet again to get back to their original place...(can you tell I work for an orthodontist?)

3. Why did He create fire ants...Really Lord, can you please tell me how they fit into the scheme of things? What purpose do they have on this earth, other than to be a royal pain where you sit...especially if you happen to plop yourself down on top of one of their ant co-ops...

4. If you made man and woman as his companion, and the two become one through marriage...why did you make it difficult for us to communicate?

I've found over the years of living with my husband, that a direct line of fire works best..."Owen, take out the garbage now please"....instead of the female communication of "Eww....that garbage stinks, and my hands are deep in dishwater scrubbing this pot, the phone is ringing, and Sarah is trying to see if the napkin rings are edible - can you give me a hand please?..." Oh...and contrary to popular belief...men do NOT pick up on nonverbal communication, so don't "assume" they can read your mind like your girlfriends. They can't. They love you to death, and would be more than HAPPY to help you if you just tell them what to do. Yah, I know it's hard at first, but you can do it ladies! :)

Also, if your husband goes out with the guys, don't ask him what they talked about...Because I can guarantee you, it was probably either a) nothing ...or b) nothing you'd be interested in, so instead just say "hope you had a good time" and smile sweetly :D

5. Why did you choose blue for the sky and white for the clouds?.......

I thought of this question the other day when I was imagining what it would be like if the sky were green and the grass was blue? What would that look like?? I couldn't imagine what it would be like looking up at the sky and musing "Gee...it's so green today!!" ew.

6. And the most important one to me of all "Well God...did I get it right?"

You know we don't see the whole picture...we see through a mirror dimly...well, I want to see the whole picture! I want to see what more there is to God...you know you think about it...I do...what aspects don't I know about? and what is up with the fight between good and evil? While I was on earth...did I do my part? Sure, I wore my armor, but were there some chinks I didn't know about? Just curious! :)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...

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