Obama is the antichrist and the world is ending in 2012? OK hon, thanks for letting me know!

My daughter and I had a rather intense textersation last night (text + conversation = textersation)

It went something like this:

"Hey mom, do you believe Obama could be the antichrist? I saw stuff about it online" (ahh...the internet - THE place to go when you want to get your facts straight)

"ROFL no, that was a McCain commercial, and one in very bad taste" (really, I was surprised that McCain would actually make a commercial comparing Obama to Jesus and Moses - really tacky and my opinion of him went down about 40 points)

"Really? well, isn't the world going to end in 2012 or something?" (ahh...the REAL reason for this textersation - if the world ends in 2012, Meg won't get the "complete" college experience, because she'll be whisked up to heaven in her junior year..)

"Honey, the bible says in Matthew 24, that NO one knows when the end of the world is going to happen, only GOD"

"Well, why don't you think he ISN'T the antichrist?" (by this time, I knew she was getting fed the questions by her best friend she was visiting - if I was a betting person, I'd be making a wager about now LOL)

"Well, he's a Christian, and seems humble and honest."

"Isn't he of middle eastern descent? And who says the antichrist won't be a christian?" (Ok...I had to laugh here, then get a bit exasperated - just look at the word "ANTI"christ.)

"The bible doesn't say where the antichrist will be born. (look it up) And the antichrist is the antithesis of Christ. He will preach AGAINST God, and do everything that a Christian would not" (Ok, I may be going out on a limb here...because a christian led astray by satan certainly could start to blaspheme God, but I am gonna make that educated guess)

"Hon, read your bible. Ephesians tells us to put on ALL our spiritual armor, one piece being the belt of truth, because if u know the truth, u have no fear. U also have power, which helps when ppl tell you crazy stuff like this"

After I had this textersation with my daughter, It impressed on me the importance of reading your bible. I would not have been able to reassure her, or answer her questions with any authority, if I had rarely opened that book. It also made me angry at all the untruths floating around in cyberspace...Where do these people get these ideas?? There are actually people who are Christian that believe this crazy thing about the world ending in 2012, and Obama being the antichrist! CHRISTIANS!!!

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father --- Matthew 24:36

The sad thing is, so many people walking around worrying about this, and worse, spreading lies to other people that do not know the truth...

In truth there is love, goodness, peace...not hysteria, chaos, and disorder.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free --- John 8:32

I love that verse - because it WILL set you free - if you know the truth, you don't worry about when the world is going to end, because you know that NO one knows except God...you don't worry about the antichrist, because you know you'll be one of the ones that isn't here...You don't worry about anything (or at least in my case, try not to!) because God is in control and has everything covered...and THAT is freedom!

I also texted my daughter with some scripture to read...

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell --- Psalm 40:11

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Comment by Joe Brito on August 9, 2008 at 2:05am
While I believe it to be in poor taste to use such a thing for a political campaign, I also find it not so far off that your daughter might have such questions. In reality, it is strictly opinion that forms a conceived thought as to what a person is all about. So stating,"Well, he's a Christian, and seems humble and honest" is merely opinion. Unless you know him better than anyone else. It is also opinion to acclaim that he is the antichrist, when all one might have is a few gathered opinions or facts that others have supplied.

In my humble opinion....we don't entirely know the character of Mr. Obama. We know he is limited in his list of political accomplishments. We know he has a great following of supporters who support change here in the United States. We also know politics can be ugly at times. It makes me wonder...for a land which is based on God and country, how did the early Christian leaders campaign? Were they completely honest and worthy of the position? Opinion might be able to answer this question, but we will never really know for sure.

Let me take this a step further for blogging purposes. Would the antichrist really preach against God? If he is trying to collect supporters, why not lie and make people believe you are something you really aren't. That is in fact what the antichrist will do after all, deceive and enamor people who really don't know anything but what their internal compass is telling them.

It is not hard to believe why folks might think this. It wasn't Senator McCain who started this rumor. After all, the advertisement was trying to get people to wake up and see just how self promoting and egomaniacal Mr. Obama has been. He is stating that he will change this country and the world. The anti-Christ has a 7 year world peace plan. The ani-christ will not promote war but peace. The bible indicates the anti-christ will be liked and will rise up to power as he solves economic and political issues, gaining even more in popularity.

Mr. Obama has traveled around the world apologizing to the French and the Germans for Americans being ignorant. Why is it that we need a leader in office who feels our country must be apologetic?

The bible has put it out there that the antichrist will be very popular throughout Europe and the world. Isn't that what has recently occurred with Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama? He was well received in Germany by hundreds of thousands of people. Why? My question is how did he become so popular in Europe? We already know he hasn't done much here in the United States to gain notoriety. Just what has a senator done to affect the far reaching lands that he would have such huge passionate supporters? Even world famous presidents such as JFK and Ronald Reagan (who ended the cold war) didn't see that kind of support!

Senator McCain and his camp probably have some regret in putting that ad out there. Mostly for all the various interpretations it will create.

Is it fair to say that while Mr. Obama is not likely the anti-christ, he is setting the world stage for a false prophet to make his grand entrance?

We don't know when or where the rapture of the church and tribulation time will occur. We do know that we will have a false prophet born into our population somewhere that will win over people by deception. Maybe the time is now; vigilance is better than ignorance. We also know another thing for sure. The false prophet or antichrist will claim to be the messiah. The McCain message that I picked up on in that ad is one that depicts Mr. Obama being a bit full of himself. I don't quite think that the message was to depict Mr. Obama as the anti-christ. Then again, maybe there are enough people out there that think this very thing and the McCain camp is just sending one in.

Its politics.....No one man will make the difference on this country. We are fleecing our morals and basic fundamental beliefs for the minority who complain and rage at our freedom. The very freedom our Christian forefathers promoted.
Comment by Chris on August 9, 2008 at 2:01pm
Hey Joe, thanks for the comments!

My main concern was to allay my daughter's fears, and to encourage her to seek the truth. There have been many theological discussions on the book of Revelations, some believe they are events that have already passed, others believe them to be a prophecy for our future.

The bible says the antichrist will deceive people - he will be a charismatic speaker, (like Hitler for example) who is able to stir people up to follow him. However, it also says that he will raise himself to the level of God, and he will blaspheme God. In Daniel 7:25 it says "He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws. " in Revelations 13:5 it says "He was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies"

That is why I impressed on my daughter to read her bible and learn the truth :)...It will only serve us better to be prepared if this does happen in our lifetime, and not be taken in by eloquent speech that does not jive with what the bible tells us.

I won't bring my political opinion into this, because it is, as you say, just that...an opinion, and that's one of the two things I don't like to discuss, the other being theology LOL :D

However, I do think we need to be objective in our view on all the candidates, and choose who we feel will best serve our country and God.
Comment by twinkle on August 11, 2008 at 3:10pm

on my flight back during my recent hol trip, i somehow picked up a TIMES magazine abt Obama. read abt his spiritual life esp esp before/after he joins the election campaign. the journalist who wrote the article was asking abt his church attendance, the relationship with his church leaders and the community, and whether his spiritual life is affected when he needs to travel alot.

the one in the world is a deceiver. it's important through God's discernment and prayers to know if the candidate is truly suitable.
Comment by Delbert Bryant on September 7, 2008 at 4:09pm
Is Obama the Antichrist? Maybe, maybe not. But it is a cinch that he is not what many seem to believe. He has been called "African- American", but in my estimation is neither African or American. His father was Arab and Muslim, he is at least half white. A presidential candidate who has the American flag removed from the tail of his campaign plane, and replaced with an image of himself, will not sing the national anthem and refuses to salute the flag of the USA is hardly someone I would consider as suited to be the Chief Executive of the USA. Partisan politics and speculation aside, I would rather place someone in the White House who is a proven patriot, spent five and 1/2 years in the "Hanoi Hilton" during the Vietnam War and refused to give in to Communist propganda that would have given him an earlier exit , but would have demoralized his fellow POW's that he would have left behind. Whatever Obama may or may not be, we would all do well to remember the Scriptural warnings concerning those who come into churches pretending to be sheep, but "inwardly they are ravening wolves".
Comment by TonyaMae on September 8, 2008 at 4:56am
I'm personally not a political minded person(although my husband is!). But I DO vote, so its
always a good thing to check out the information on all those running.
Personally, I haven’t been very pleased with Obama OR McCain and felt a bit disturbed about voting for either of them. Feeling I would be "siding" with the "lesser of two evils" if you will. Note: I am not saying that either are the anti-Christ...:)
It's not until McCain's running mate came into the picture that I have actually began to get interested! This is where the "internet" can become a lovely tool for research! But alas, its always good to get quite a few sources throughout on the matter before even ATTEMPTING to make any educational guesses on the matter.
I have been really impressed with what I have found while looking through at Governor Palin's character. Such as listening to her speak, watching her mannerisms...so on.
And honestly I have seen a genuine, no nonsense approach to Faith in Jesus Christ. A knowledge and love for God as well as His Word.
Makes me feel a bit better about who I decide to vote for come election time!
Either or, I'll be keeping my focus on Christ, and let him lead...even on something as silly as "voting" :)
Be blessed in abundance!
Comment by Chris on September 14, 2008 at 12:57pm
Delbert, Obama's dad was born in Kenya - He's African...his father's faith is Islam because that is one of the major religions in Kenya, the other being Christianity. As far as having the flag removed from his plane - it was a registered trademark logo of Northwest airlines, and the flag still remains on the tail, although it's part of his campaign logo, and the flag is also next to the registration numbers...I know there have been a lot of emails going around about him with a lot of false information.

I am still trying to decide between the two main candidates, and all these stories about both keep me hopping trying to find out what is true and what isn't.

Tonya, as far as Palin goes for some reason, she scares me. There is something in my spirit that does not sit right with her, and I have a good gift of discernment. The things I have been reading (written by Alaskans) are disturbing, because I have seen more negative comments than positive. She is a good public speaker, and does appeal to the "younger" generation, but everything she has said so far has been prepared by the speech writers. I worry about her only experience being less than two years of governership, and the investigation into her possible misconduct.

I want someone running this country who will take the American people's collective views into consideration, and restore her previous reputation and honor which has gone down the tubes. Foreign policy for me is extremely important - we have lost touch and alienated a lot of friends and allies, as well as our enemies.

It's a difficult to choice to make, and we all need to follow our hearts and God's promptings, and the decision might be different for some than others - but you can say this - I think this is the most exciting election we've had in years!!!
Comment by Elizabeth ; Baruch Hashem Adonia on March 20, 2009 at 7:01pm
Red Alert!
Obama about to betray Israel, says former intel official
(Israel Today)

this report is in the Jerusalum Connection newsletter. thought it ties into what is being shared here
I'm glad that are GOD has this all taken care of. We can rest assured in HIM as His holy temple 2COR6:16 what ever happens here has already been established from the foundation of creation.

A former top US intelligence official warns that the Obama Administration is about to break America's long ties of friendship with Israel, and maybe even take steps toward the dissolution of the Jewish state.

Speaking on condition of anonymity to Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network, the source said:

"I have every reason to believe, based on what I’ve seen at my level of [security] clearance especially over the last several years, that Israel will soon be completely on their own… or worse."

He went on to note that the betrayal likely won't happen in one dramatic moment, but rather subtly, behind the scenes, and over the course of several years.

The Obama Administration is preparing to "provide more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation," said the source.

Israeli officials have of late noted a marked increase in the pressure from Washington to more rapidly acquiesce to Arab land-for-peace demands, and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has clarified that Washington is none to pleased with incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to commit to the creation of a sovereign Palestinian Arab state with Jerusalem as its capital.


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