I was thinking today about how this world is so ready to pounce on the negative. It seems like the more sensational the news is, the more we as a society eat it up. The good news is rarely mentioned. Just give us blood, guts, gore, lust, murder, and mayhem.

The same thing happens in our minds. Make a short list of all the bad events you remember happening, things that irritated you, angered you, or hurt you, or saddened you. Now make a list of all the events that brought you joy, happiness, love, peace. Which list is longer?

I was talking to a friend the other day, and we both remarked on the fact that it seemed much easier to remember irritating or bad events, rather than good ones. We even tried to remember positive events, but the negative list got longer a lot faster. Why?

I guess the answer could be we live in a fallen world, blahblahblah...and I can accept that, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

I would love to be like the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, or Christ, and just radiate peace and love...How did Jesus do it anyway? I'm sure there were people that He encountered in His ministry that just annoyed Him to no end...You know, someone calling Him a liar, jeering at Him, heckling Him during a sermon, one of those people that you or I would prolly just love to smack upside the head, but don't because we are Christians, and instead just sort of seethe, and mutter a prayer of "Oh, Lord, I am SO sorry for feeling like this, but that person is just driving me nutz!!!!!"

I want to break that cycle of negative remembrance, and instead, start one of postive remembrance. I want each positive interaction to be lovingly tucked into their niche in my brain to be brought out when my faith in the world is tremulous. I don't want the negative memories to draw upon.

Perhaps that is a glimpse into what being truly "Christ-like" is. To love unconditionally, unequivocally, and equally - and to treasure those moments of joy, peace, and Love, and just throw the irritating memories into the incinerator.

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