One man plants, one man waters, but it is God who adds the Increase

I have struggled some time now with being "results driven" At a recent Worship Retreat, God allowed me to see that as a Worship Leader, he has never asked me to get results. He only asked that I walk in my purpose which is to lead with integrity, teach, and remember that my life has been anointed for Worship. As i look back, my attempts at controlling and 'commanding the stage" have been futile at best, bet in my heart I thought that results were what would make or break me as a worship leader. Though simple, I realize now that God never intended for me to bear such a huge burden. He only called and chose me to do my part. To love people into greatness, to lead where I have already been. To push team members to a higher standard, and exmeplify Christ in all areas of my life, as well as leadership. Frustrating as it can be, results are not really our problem. It is God's to let his word take root in a person's life. It is his to continually teach what it is he requires and loves in praise and worship. After all it's his praise; it's his worship. So just to encourage any other Worship leader, know that all you have to do is worship and lead with integrity. God promises to do the rest. After all, the glory is HIS, not ours...

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