"Our Passion and Our Vision"

As a worship leader, technically I am not great, I know that, but what drives me is to bring passion and fire into our worship in our gatherings. I see this as being my vision and mission, beyond that off bring the people into a place where they can meet with God and Worship in spirit and truth. I play with a raw passion to worship God, I lead my team to be the same, we need to bring a passion and a hunger to the gatherings, whether they are large conference gatherings or house meetings, that the Church catches that passion and hunger to worship and glorify our God and King. I / we are here to further his Kingdom, this is not by might, but it is not by a timid spirit either, There needs to be revival in our Church ? or there needs to be a revolution in our Church ? I desire the later, that we become that close to God, that we feel his heart beat for our nations and we are loosed by his passion and fire to take the fight to the enemies camp, we break the Spirit of Absolom and kick out deception and fear, and start to become the Army of God that we are destined to become, marked by Love, Power, Passion, and a spirit of reverence to God. We need open heavens, we need Bethel written over our gatherings, not for our glory but for our God, our King, our Saviour. I am sick of Happy, Clappy gatherings, I want gatherings that change lives for eternity, I want meetings that are pleasing and glorifying to God, that demonstrate the laws of Kingdom, and pushes back the veil. ...

to be continued.....

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