Cheryl Lim shares her joy as a part-time student taking the Certificate of Creative Arts at TCA College. She is learning to be stretched by the Lord, yet at the same time reaping much from the courses.

When my church sent me to attend the Worship Leading course at TCA College, I was overjoyed as I have long wanted to improve my skills as a worship leader. However, I had to struggle through the course which included reading the course materials and completing the assignments. On top of that, I was taking five modules as a third year student at National University of Singapore. The deadlines and exams for both schools were very close. But God is good. My faith was definitely stretched and it allowed me to put my trust in Him.

As a student of the School of Creative Arts, I was exposed to new thoughts and ideas. The course Biblical Worship has greatly intrigued me. Our entire class was marvelously captivated when the lecturer brought us back to the Old Testament forms of worship. We finally saw and understood how it evolved into present day contemporary forms. For example, the graphical picture of Aaron wearing his well-decorated priestly robe entering into the Holy place is a brilliant picture of holy preparation (Exod 28:1-37). Just like Aaron, as worshippers we need to prepare ourselves to enter into God’s church. I feel that we often disregard this vital need to prepare ourselves. Some of us rushed into the church and clothed in the most inappropriate attire. We come spiritually unprepared to meet God when we should come in humility and awe. He deserves our most excellent praise! This is one truth I want to communicate back to my church ministry team.

The course Music Theory has taught me more on the technicalities of music, such as transposing music chords. As a worship leader, this is one skill which I knoe my church’s music team stands to benefit. I have learnt how moods can be created through music, which will help when I choose songs for praise and worship. Being a non-musician taking this course was a little tough but I am reaping so much fro it for the service of God.

Finally, to those who feel led to the creative arts ministry or want to know more about worship: I encourage you to join TCA College and bring yourself to a new level of worship experience!

This article was published in TCA College’s publication, Pacesetters 2007.


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Comment by Mark Kendal on April 25, 2008 at 4:34pm
HI Cheryl
It sounds like you've learned so much from this course. It must have been wonderful to stretch your biblical knowledge and your practical skills on the same course. What was the format of the course? Was it full time or part time and for how long did it last?

Do you now feel better equipped to serve your church? I suppose that is the important question.

All the best.



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