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I went to a conference about a year ago and heard the worship pastor say something that I had been waiting to hear for a long time. Even as worship band members, we are in the entertainment buisness. "Now, wait just a cotton pickin" minute!" some of you might be saying. Hold on, Give me a minute. Ask yourself. If we don't hold the congregation's attention, how soon are the hymnals going to come out? (You know, the ones that the pastor heaves at the "nodders" during his sermons. lol) Yes my friends, we do need to be aware of holding the attention of the congregation. Remember, in the old testement, who was it that went out in battle before the army? That's right, the musicians. What were they doing? Worshiping God. You had better believe that they had the attention of the army (Their "congregation"). Yes, we are in the entertainment buisness. Now for the "rest of the story."

The Word tells us that "God inhabits the praises of his people." We as leaders have a responcibility. That is to lead people into the holy of holies where the veil has been rent and ALL my now enter! So, friends,, ask yourself one thing.. Who is this really for anyhow? Is it not about the One we worship? Is He not our audience? We hold the congregation's attention and lead them into the inner sanctum and God's presence for what reason? To be with God. To worship and love on him. I submit that this is really about Him. He is why we meet He is why we live and He is why we as musicians play the music we do. Let's look at the real reason that we gather together (Be it on Sundays at a church building, midweek for bible study or our individual quiet times.). Is it not to be with Him? God does inhabit the praises of his people. He was with the musicians before the army in the old testement and he will be with us now. We need only remember that it is not about us. This is about pointing to him and lifting him up that ALL men will be drawn unto him

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Comment by Patrick Craig on November 6, 2008 at 6:26pm
Nope, I'm not buying it. The worshippers before the Army in II Chron. 20:22 did not have the attention of the "audience", they had the attention of God. They sang "Yes the Lord is good and His mercies endure forever (Psalm 136)" because it was the proscribed way of entering into the presence of the Lord (Psalm 100:4). As they humbled themselves before God by thanking Him and praising Him, HE responded by setting ambushments and defeating the enemy. If we go into a worship service with our eyes fixed on anyone but Him we are not fulfilling our function. We are not there to minister unto the "audience" we are there as priests of the Most High God to minister to Him. When we do, we corporately enter into His presence and THAT's what get's the "nodders" attention. Check out Ezk. 44:12 and see what happened to a priesthood that ministered to the "idols" (preferences) of the congregation. That's my perspective and I'm sticking with it (in love). Patrick
Comment by Elman Authement on November 11, 2008 at 12:33am
Hey Mark, I once read a book during a men's one year course I went through at our church. In that one year we had to read a book every month. One of the books was called, "You Are the Message". It was hard to digest mentally because of what we've been taught all our lives about ministry. Every time we get up to play we are performing. First and foremost I am giving my best to God. We've just given performance a dirty name. It's not bad when you put it in it's right perspective.


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