Just came back from University Classes, so tired. I just thank God that i have a family to come home to which provides a nice environment for me to grow spiritually. Recently,i had been reminiscing about my Student Exchange trip in Japan. So many memories, if i was given a second chance, i would have loved to go back and try to have a more fruitful time over there. I miss my friends, i missed my church in Japan, i miss the less demanding classes. Majoring in Japanese Studies, i began to realise so many aspects of Japan which has so many Christian values internalised into its infrastructure, its lifestyle, and yet many still turn away from these visibly "poppiing-out" truths.
I just pray that one day, i will be able to witness a great worship extravaganza just as big as Singapore's Festival of Praise:[ Seems, so far away. I don't get it, why is it that academics keep claiming that in the eyes of Japan, Christianity is seen as a "Western thing"? I mean,to me, it makes more sense that it's rather "Middle-Eastern" since it was obviously given 'birth' in Jerusalem, thus both Asia and the West have a share in Christianity....why such division? sheesh, sometimes i just so dislike it when people in class ramble about Christianity being negative and such...it's so not true.:[ I mean it's not right to judge a religion just based on how a group of people in the past used it(eg. as a political tool to gain hegemony over a nation or whatever).

In any case, i just thank God that through this, i have learnt so much about how God is so real. Real in the way which i can't say in words. REal through history, music, the arts, infrastructure, gender studies. It's so cool(^v^)!!
Thanks to Him for always being my fortress and my mirror!:)

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