"What do you believe is the spiritual significance of music?"

Music was created by God, as was every instrument to be used to bring Him glory. All throughout the Scriptures we read how important music is to God and to His creation. In fact the book of Psalms is entirely devoted to praising the Creator of the Universe in every situation with every kind of instrument. We are even commanded in the New Testament to sing and make melody with all our heart to the Lord and to address each other in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Col 3:16 & Eph 5:19). Even Jesus is recorded in the gospel of Matthew in joining the other disciples in a hymn right before leaving for the Mount of Olives (Matt 26:30). I believe the Lord desires us to have abundant lives in Him and our worship of Him through song is such an integral part of that equation.
For about 27 years I struggled with an incurable disease called crohn’s disease. The disease affects the intestines so that I couldn’t absorb the nutrients from the foods I was eating. I also had severe cramping and pain from the sores inside me to the point of becoming suicidal. All I wanted was to get away from the pain but in the midst of this trail the Lord told me to praise Him.
I’d always loved music and I had a natural ability that made it easy for me to pick up just about anything I put my mind to. I had grown up in a Christian church and was always leading worship on Sunday, which eventually lead to joining a Christian band, named Big Tent Revival. We traveled all over and my faith and relationship with God grew. I also met my wife during that season of my life and she would always say that the Lord was going to heal me and that I would have a healing ministry. Id lived with the illness for so long that I thought she was nuts and even though I wanted to believe – I couldn’t.
Life on the road is not the best situation for someone with crohn’s and dealing with the disease became increasingly difficult but I knew that this was where God wanted me. As I got older I transitioned into the group SONICFLOOd. the disease and pain seemed to become more of a trouble and the doctors that were treating me had run out of ideas of how to relieve my symptoms. I felt my hope run out even though the Lord continued to keep me in the ministry of music and singing for Sfd. I was literally falling apart and the Lord kept saying – ‘Praise me even in the midst of your pain, even when your empty, Praise me.’
At the time I really didn’t realize the significance of what I was doing but the Lord did and He always knows best.
I was unknowingly waging a war in the heavenly places by lifting up my voice in praise to the Most High God! In Eph 6:12 we read whom our struggle is against and in 2 Cor 10:4 we read that our weapons against that enemy are mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. In my case, as I lifted up Jesus in praise and thanksgiving, the Lord was pulling down the years of lies satan had planted in my heart. As I continued to praise and worship the Lord with my lips, I saw the hope of the Healer rise up in me. I felt my heart changing from wanting to die to having courage to live because I was receiving a gift of faith…. The walls around my heart we’re coming down and I came to a place of complete surrender. Finally I was able to surrender to the Lord because all the lies that satan had filled my head with had been torn down and the truth about my Father in Heaven was all I could see.
After God healed my mind and heart, He in His supernatural power healed my body! I am now a living testimony of God’s faithfulness and the strength that we have as God’s children through our worship and praise in song.

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Comment by Chris Warwick on January 7, 2010 at 4:28am
I love what you wrote Rick. There are a lot of people who downplay the significance of worship, All we really have to do is look at the largest book of the bible to realize the importance of it to God. I never tire of hearing how God heals his children and I love your testimony. He is always faithful and we need to continually praise for that. God bless you and thank you for inviting me as your friend.

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