I was working aroung the house the other day while my little girl watched a program on PBS called "Super Why" ... it's a fun little show that teaches letters, words and reading that she really gets into. I had been pondering many spiritual things in my tiny mind that morning as I struggled to fully awaken to the day. At one moment the show was focusing on the spelling of the word SING. As in most pre-school shows, each letter was posted with fan fare and a significant pause to allow the young one to shout out the corresponding letter. As I glanced at the screen the word was S I N __ ... and then the final letter G was added. I had one of those God clarity moments and I realized how easily SING becomes SIN without the G. With out the big G that is ... without GOD!!

It solidified in my heart once again how easily we drift from the pure and perfect intention of song ... that of worship to our wonderful and powerful King! So daily as I trudge forward to create and raise my voice in song to the Lord... I check my heart and my motives with the reminder that SING without God can quickly degrade into the slippery slope of sin.

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Comment by Steve Burgess on July 11, 2008 at 1:11am
Wow, what a cool revelation. I love it when God shows us things like that.
Comment by Chris on July 11, 2008 at 11:45am
So true! And what a great reminder to us never to take God out of our mix!

I love moments like that where God turns on the light for us and we can only go "wow...."


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