It really ticks me off when the devil tries to get you down or discourage you. Today I received a phone call from someone, and since I hadn't talked to them since Tuesday I told them about me being able to start school Monday. Their reply was "oh ok, you do know Boeing is hiring right, you should go work there." Just to let any and all know I have spent the last 12 years of my life at a dead end because I had no schooling. Even though I had all the experience I was always told that I couldn't advance any higher without an education. Yes I know Boeing and other places are hiring, but I want more than to just be an assembly line worker. Well, get your foot in the door and you can move up from there some say; yeah I TRIED THAT FOR 12 YEARS. God has opened the door and is allowing me to continue my education and im going for it. I didn't go to college after high school b/c I had no support. For those who don't know I was accepted to both of the colleges I applied to. One being the Citadel, but I didn't go because one I didn't get the support and two I didn't have the finances. I was told college wasn't important and I should go straight into work. Yeah works great for someone who is ok with dead ends. Am I discouraged? Not in the least. I have sought Gods will and I believe and trust that this is the direction He is leading me in. Any way; why after 13 years should this person be proud of me and support me in something I want. God knew of this day long before it came and placed people in my life to encourage me and support me. Those people know who they are and to you I thank you and appreciate you. For those who feel it may not be God, you decide for yourself. 1. Not a dime is coming out of my pocket for me to continue my education. 2. I'll get paid $5 a day for transit. (not much but it's gas) 3. I will be provided help in finding a job once everything is complete. 4. Lastly God told me to.( that alone is enough for me.) Back to what I said in the beginning about being ticked. Yes I am,but I have news for the devil; I AM A CHILD OF GOD AND HE HAS A PURPOSE AND A PLAN FOR MYSELF AND ALL OF HIS CHILDREN. For all of you who the devil is trying to discourage or tear down now, stand firm. What he may mean for bad God Will make the best of it, so look the devil eye to eye, don't be afraid, and BOLDLY and PROUDLY give God the glory. I love each and evey one of you out there sinner and saved. Time is becoming very short and now is the time for us to boldly stand and do what All Christians were commissioned to do. Have faith and NO mountain can stand before you. May God bless each and every one who reads this and may it encourage you to also seek Gods will for your life. As for me and my House we WILL serve the Lord.

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Comment by Worship The Rock on November 6, 2009 at 10:51am
Hi David,

Thanks for sharing this - sounds like God has some great plans in store for you! Keep being bold my friend!

Comment by Pete Brower on November 6, 2009 at 3:39pm
Amen Brother! Stay the course and see what God has planned for you.


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