What constitues "happiness"? I looked up the definition in Webster's 1828 Dictionary and one of the definitions I found was…
Being in the enjoyment of agreeable sensations from the possession of good; enjoying pleasure from the gratification of appetites or desires.
If there was no other way to experience happiness than that all of my surroundings, that is, circumstances and people I come into to contact with present to me a sensation that agrees with my desires and expectations, then I dare to say that happiness just isn't going to happen. At least not for an extended period of time. We have to come to a place that we realize our happiness will not be derived from everyone around us meeting our needs that we've placed on them in order for us to be happy. I do not think everyone on my worship team woke up this morning with the thought on their mind, "What can I do to make Elman happy today".
Jesus uses this word "happy" many times in the beatitudes. Our Bibles have translated it as the word "Blessed". Many of the conditions Jesus describes in that particular text in Matthew chapter 5 would not be something to make one happy. But the reality of what Jesus is saying is that he dosn't bestow gifts to make men happy but rather he creates a condition inside of man which enables him to find happiness regardless of his surroundings. In other words, he doesn't create happiness by new surroundings but he creates new surroundings by his happiness. I'm finding more and more that it has to do with my character and not my surroundings. So, am I saying that I can walk into an environment, that by all rights, would not produce happiness but still possess happiness, because now the surroundings producing my happiness are coming from within? Absolutely!
So how do we possess a happy worship team? Romans 4:8 says Blessed (happy) is the man to whom the Lord does not impute sin. Impute is an accounting term. It means to take an inventory, to calculate and come up with a number. Calculators don't lie. God is not taking an inventory of my sin. Now that's something to be happy about! This truth alone can create a condition "inside of you" that will literally change your surroundings or let me say it like this, change the perception you have of your surroundings. Have I been taking an inventory of other's sins? If so, I will never possess happiness.
From sitting down and talking with our worship team, I've found that everyone of us want to change something about our lives and from what they all said, most of those changes would make me "happy". We are all aware of the Spirit of God working in our lives to perfect that which is lacking. The problem is that most of us can't wait for God to change each other. We think we need to come in and help them out a little. It becomes so much easier when I can learn to accept you the way God accepts you at this time in your life and vice versa. We are all on a journey together, not race against each other.
Let me finish my rambling on with this thought, Our happiness will come as we realize it's not based on performance, not on possessing but on being. It's who I am. The absence of "imputation of sin" is equivalent to "the imputation of righteousness". A condition that, if we allow ourselves to be, will allow everyone around us to complete their journey.

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