Finding a solitary place to commune with God is more than a privilege, it is a necessary component of the Christian daily walk. Neglecting to find those precious moments alone in peaceful isolation with God can interfere with the disciples’ vision and mission.

Precious Moments In Time...

As I stood on my deck this crisp November morning, sipping a hot cup of coffee which mingled with the fragrant remnants of the late fall rain quickly evaporating from the oak leaves now decorating the ground, the moment captured the depth and wonder of life.

For half a century I’ve been blessed with the privilege of moving about ‘under the sun’ as Solomon put it and experiencing life on several continents and over a dozen different countries. All of it paled in comparison to this one solitary moment, in this solitary place.

If life has any measurable significance in worldly accumulation why are people so quick to sacrifice their toilsome earnings to obtain one meaningful experience?


Is it ironic that we punish the worst criminals and our dearly loved children similarly by isolating them and restricting their freedom?

Or is it more ironic that Jesus chose the opportunity of isolation as His most prized experience while He walked among us?

As a disciple I don’t find it ironic at all that the experience of meeting quietly with my Lord in a solitary place is constantly under attack by the myriad distractions of this present age being introduced at an alarming rate. The enemy doesn’t want us basking in God’s glory in a quiet peaceful place.

Discipline (the Disciples’ workout)

Music has an important place in the lives of believers as does reading God’s word and ministering to the needs around us.

I’ve been receiving emails from a host of ‘Affiliate Marketers’ all promoting one ‘New’ course that is intended to work on ‘Personal Development’ and while I know the value of personal growth and development I know the dangers of operating from a ‘Wrong’ premise.

The Christian journey should naturally lead to a deepening discernment regarding the subtle twisting of truth in order to distract or detract from our mission. Putting success or financial reward before human beings has a tendency to subtly entice us to lose our way.

Christ Centered Servant Leadership

Remove the solitary place from a believer’s daily routine and they soon lose their central focus. Once their vision is compromised a variety of ideas that ‘sound good’ slip passed the security perimeter, or under the radar.

We’re all born with a self serving nature and the strongest, most faithful disciple will honestly admit that reverting to that nature is instantaneous. We begin serving others from a self serving motivation without realizing our mistake until it is pointed out.

Unfortunately that nature is strong enough to bind the heart of those who for an extended season haven’t found solitude with the author of truth. Divisions, separations, factions easily occur when we’re convinced that ‘people’ including ourselves are responsible instead of recognizing that along the way a wrong premise, an inaccurate principle or an unscriptural way of thinking has altered our path.

The Foundational Core

When we pause to realize that the shed blood of Jesus is the mortar and stone of our foundation it’s easy to start stripping away from the house we’re building everything that isn’t supported by that foundation.

The longer we reflect on that truth, the more likely we’ll find a solitary place to reconnect with The Author of our faith.

Like the song says, “All other ground is…”

Take a moment… take several, but take them everyday. In contrast this exercise which requires no movement strengthens the last thing we want to suffer from atrophy; our eternal souls.

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