In most church settings there is a time for Worship. I like what Eddie James once said. We have not come for a show or to intertain you,but we have come to Worship Jesus.

Many times we are in a box or in a planned event that we want to follow the items on the list.
We need to break away from scheduled Worship and Praise but rather get into true Worship that is rarely seen in most congregation services.

What you have to do first is SLOW DOWN! we are many times too often going to fast and wanting to get into worship to quickly. It's like trying to talk to someone and saying everything in 5 minutes when you have not seen this person in 10 years.

During this happening you would hug that person, tell them how much you love them, and how good it is to see them, before you even started talking.
Now that is what Jesus is looking for. Those that will worship Him in Spirit and Truth.
We have got away from true Worship. Not everyone has, but the way to get back on track is to give your life to Him Jesus and start praising Him.

At our church we begin singing a worship song or a song of Praise. Then we go into slower worship songs.
When God starts to move we need to start moving with Him.

This was a Pastor saying he had on his pulpit. " Find the way God is moving and Move with Him"
So overall when you begin Worship take your time and get to know the one who died for you.

Mark Miller

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