As the young man went to bed that evening, little did he know that it would be his last day here on earth, the last time he would remove his artificial leg and lay it nearby as he laid his body down to rest. On his desk was an old typewriter containing a special letter he had written to his older brother who had helped lead him to Jesus a few weeks earlier, in a room just below, a spark from the chimney would fall into an abandoned fireplace and ignite the fire which would take his life as he slept peacefully that dreadful night.
His brother was standing watch at a limestone quarry while the moon was brightly glowing above, everything was so peaceful and quiet during the night and a short distance away was a large cavity filled with water. There suddenly appeared a mirage of a large glowing fire burning out of control right there in the center of that water, it was about 2:00 in the morning, the same time the family home had caught fire and was burning to the ground. The nearest Fire Truck came rushing out to the scene with an empty tank, as they retreated to fill their Water Tank the fire kept raging on and licking up everything within it's path, there were only some charred bone fragments remaining of the joyful young man who had loved life so much, he didn't expect his life would end so suddenly and that his brother would never receive the special letter he had just written. His sweetheart went out to his grave and shed many tears due to the loss of her best friend, she was very lonesome and wept so much for the faithful young man that meant everything to her. Several miles away his older brother received an urgent letter telling of his tragic death, a brother who cared deeply for his youngest brother and good friend. It has been many years since that dreadful day and as I write this to you, I want you to understand how suddenly and unexpected life can be taken away. I still miss my little brother, he was always so happy and cheerful even after his leg had to be removed due to an Auto Accident, he has left me with so many precious memories and I wonder what he was attempting to tell me the day he wrote his last letter.
These facts are true, I know, because I am that older brother... I have since discovered a special warm loving desire to reach as many people with the message of saving faith through Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) as I possibly can, and you are one of those who was chosen to receive the special love that God has so desired you to have. Will you give God enough time to let him know you sincerely want to understand and that you want to have Him to guide you through the little bit of life that you have remaining here on this earth? Life without God is so empty, and void of true happiness, you have no idea what God has prepared for you unless you take enough time to show Him your appreciation for giving you your life as you awaken each day, one more day, one day at a time.
Written especially for you with love, by Patches ~♥~

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