(Radio announcer voice--On) And now, dear readers, we return to our story. After having been delayed by icy roads, the pastors arrived just in time for the sermon, the only item remaining in the order of worship. And now, on to today's episode of "As the Blog Churns!" (Radio announcer voice--Off).

It has been a while, so here's an update:

The following Saturday it started snowing heavily, causing us to cancel church for the 4th Sunday of Advent. The snow continued through Monday morning, with the biggest accumulation I've seen since I moved into my current house 15 years ago. (Take a look at the video on my profile page for a taste of what we got.) Tuesday morning, when I finally made it back in to work, it took an hour and a half to dig the car out (the one at the top of the hill in the video...the ones at the bottom didn't move for a week.)

Our church is situated in a residential neighborhood, part way down a hill, and right on the border of two municipalities, meaning that we are VERY low on the priority list for snowplowing. Since the major arterials weren't even well plowed, we were dependent on a thaw making the church accessible again...the thaw did not make it before Christmas, so we were, for the first time in my memory, forced to cancel our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service due to weather. That was a painful decision, but with eight inches of slush and snow in the parking lot, and no clear way to get to the church in the first place, it was necessary...

The pastors were on vacation the Sunday after Christmas, and my pulpit supply options were a bit thin, so I preached on the 28th...not my best sermon, but no where near my worst...

The month of January has been filled with planning and budgeting. One decision that was made was to combine from two services (contemporary and kinda traditional/blended) to one service. We are still working on the format of that service, but I'm advocating for a fairly contemporary service with a few blended elements. Your prayers would be appreciated as we go through this process.

We, as a church, also made the decision to step out on faith with this year's budget. We are hoping to hire a Christian Education Intern in the fall, and are budgeting accordingly...conversely, we've lost a few faithful givers this year, so your prayers are coveted in that arena as well. In many ways it reminds me of the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy has to take a step out over the chasm, stepping out in faith. Cue the theme music, because here we go...these are some exciting times for our church (in many ways the "make it or break it" type) so keep your brothers and sisters in Des Moines, Washington in your prayers.

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